Here is a picture from a different person modeling the jacket also with the buckling in the back. I don’t think it looks too small but what do you think. I’m still hanging onto the tags on mine. I love the jacket but I want to be 100% certain about it on both color and fit before I clip the tags off.

So do you think it’s a size too small on her or is it the style of the back of the jacket??

  1. I think this looks right but I agree with posters on the photo in the post below about it being too small. I thought it looked like that girl had pulling across the chest.

  2. I agree with Becky C–I think this one looks right, but I think the pic below is a bit small–looks tight in the chest and shoulders, which is why it isn't draping nicely, I think.

  3. This educator has on the right size, imo. I don't think there will be buckling at the back, just a bit of a poof perhaps due to the pleat at the back. Your size 8 looked great on you, lulumum.

    Can you tell me, are the inside snaps (that show when the collar is open) gold-toned, like the outside hardware? It's hard to tell from the pictures. I'm so sad the coal jacket has gold-tone hardware, I would really have preferred silver, or a matte type of metal.

  4. This one looks right – the pull in the back is more due to her hip being swung to one side – the other photo was too small IMO -chest and back, but these photos, the jacket fits perfect on this girl.

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