The skirt seems to be poofier than Run: Tracker Skirt which is currently in Loot. The bonus I guess is in the chamois and the inner pocket and the reflectors. I also think this one is an inch or two longer so I wonder if these can be worn a little flatter for more leg coverage or poofier if you like it that way.

Inside of the skirt

  1. Tried this skirt and it was a definite "no" for me … I'm in between sizes and there is no drawstring in the waistband to tighten it up .. I couldn't ever wear it as low in the photo … 🙁 it's a cute skirt though ..

  2. I'm between sizes too so it's tough for me, I have to be real careful in what I buy and that it can either transition well or be sold easily.

    The bubble part is kinda cute depending on body type. Looks cute on her.

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