by Cristina

Picture of the Long Sleeve Pima T-Shirt

July 17, 2010

This is a pretty accurate picture of the long sleeve. I think it’s TTS and has a similar fit to  your short sleeve Pima Shirt, unlike the Modern V-Neck. The cotton is pretty thin and silky too which is nice if your layering  but keep in mind that the white can be a bit sheer which I’ve found with my short sleeve.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was thinking of buying the pima short sleeve in white. Everytime I try it on I think it's too sheer. A few days ago one of the girls told me to try it on with a nude camisole. I might do that next time I'm in but it's summer and I don't really want a cami under my tee when it's hot. Since you have it in white what is your opinion? I have 5 other colored 5yr pimas and modern tanks and love them. I will be getting this long sleeve as well. I tried the black one on and really liked it. Most likely I'll get it next week.

  2. Lulumum says:

    I wear mine with a Flow Y under it in White or Faded Zap. You can see the Faded Zap one under it but it looks nice and I don't mind being able to see a Flow Y show through because it doesn't look like a bra.

    When I wear a really colorful jacket like an angel blue hoodie or my lagoon WWA i prefer to just grab a white t-shirt to put under it instead of thinking about color coordinating.

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