Extended Version of Sneak Peek Video

This is a 10 minute long video that’s worth watching all the way through,  particularly up till just before the six minute mark (approx) and the last 2 minutes. Noteworthy is a Special Edition Cool Racerback in Lolo purple (?) with a mesh back (looks like the back is mostly mesh or half mesh), and a brand new material tank (circle mesh blended with silveresence) made to fit over the Tata tamer, this tank looked like River Rock. Also there was a Pima t-shirt with a black body contouring print on it which I didn’t much care for very much. I would love to see a Pima with the prints they had last year with the orchid, dancer and the bird. Those were beautiful and I never got the chance to get one. The last bit of the video shows 2 new bags, one in the color Ivy which is so pretty (army green but more saturated and green) and another huge bag in Purple (Dahlia maybe?) that reverses into a smaller bag. That is an engineering marvel of a bag I tell yah!

Thanks to my Anonymous reader for pointing me in the direction of this video 😀

fall 2010 sneak peek!- extended version (10:23 min) from lululemon athletica on Vimeo.



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