Monday, December 11, 2023

Fouette Tank

by Cristina

I stopped in at Park Royal today on our way to Ambelside to see if they had the Lolo Purple Scuba Hoodie but they didn’t have it in just yet. I did see the Fouette Tank in Citron and Black.  It had some cute detailing in the front that I liked but I wasn’t really all that interested in it because it was too close to the Gather Dance Strap. This one is probably easier for most people to wear where as the Dance strap had the cup issue for people with larger breasts (spill over) and also for me it was a little finicky getting the dance strap on and adjusting the straps to get them to sit nicely so I like the simplicity of the Fouette tank.

As far as the current color palates of Alarm and Oasis, although I do like those colors and Alarm is very flattering on I wish Lulu either had more new items in Wish/Pig Pink or the upcoming Lolo Purple. I can’t believe the amount of color changes that have happened over the last two or so weeks. First we got Wish, Pig Pink and Citron, then we got the greys and stripe patters, then the quilted patterns with the greys, Alarm and Oasis and probably this coming week Lolo purple, Senorita Pink and Citron. Crazy the amount of color changes that happen with Lululemon. Almost hard to keep up with them. I think that’s why I feel so drawn to the greys. It’s much easier to commit to greys, whites and blacks because they work with every other color that transitions so quickly. I think I’m on a color strike now (except for Wish) because I usually fall in love with every color that comes out.

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ellesmommy July 18, 2010 - 10:07 pm

LOL! I feel opposite–I'm on a gray strike, and I am just waiting for more beautiful fall colors to come out. I'm not much for pastels, so no citron or pig pink or lavender for me! And I love Oasis, but isn't it weird that they had it last year (I got a Power Y and a Define in Oasis last year, when I was just starting to buy Lulu), and now it's already back again. I'd love to see some magenta, burgundy, or other blues that go with Wish.

ellesmommy July 18, 2010 - 10:28 pm

I bought the oasis/river rock grooves yesterday, and it made me feel so happy! I had been waiting for a good color combo. I am tempted by the inner strength tank, but i feel like I already have so much Oasis. So I'll just wait for my grooves to be hemmed.

ellesmommy July 18, 2010 - 10:37 pm

I'll look for it. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous July 18, 2010 - 11:51 pm

I bought the black/wish/citron grooves last week. I can't wait to pick them up from getting hemmed tomorrow. I am thinking about getting the wunder groove crop in oasis/riverrock as well as the regular groove pant in the same color. I haven't bought any tanks in oasis yet. I am going in tomorrow to try on the CRB. I don't think I'm going to get any jackets in oasis or alarming. I did want the stride in oasis but I have bought so many jackets lately and I just don't think everytime there are new colors out I have to get the matching jacket. Within in the last month I bought a white define, wish define, grey wave striped stride & pig pink define (that I may return tomorrow). I have the pig pink IJWR but I just don't think it's practical to have such a light pink jacket. I didn't like it at first and now it's grown on me but I don't think I like it enough to keep it. I am looking forward to purchasing the long sleeve black pima to have ready for fall.

Lulumum July 18, 2010 - 10:18 pm

Hmm, you have a good point….maybe it's not that I want more Wish but more colors that go with Wish instead of a whole new pallet that is not at all connected to the whole Wish and Pig Pink moment. I'm also dying for Branch and Ivy.

I don't find it strange to see colors recycled from one year to the next but I find it so strange for a whole Pallet to get recycled. Colors feel fresher when there put in different contexts. Odd to do the same combination in fall again.

Oasis is so pretty, So unlike me to choose a grey stripe over Oasis.

Lulumum July 18, 2010 - 10:35 pm

I got the Wish/Black grooves and they make me pretty happy too. It's funny how colors can alter your mood so much.

You should get Esse Nail Polish in Mint Candy Apple. It looks so pretty with Oasis/River Rock. I think I'll post about that next.

Anonymous July 20, 2010 - 12:52 pm

Does the fouette tank have a tie on the bottom hem?
Also, is oasis a blue colour or blue green? Is it is the same palette as lagoon?
I am debating on getting the stride in this colour…and what size to get….boy, I need lots of help! lol

Lulumum July 20, 2010 - 2:30 pm

the Foette tank does have a tie at the bottom of the hem so that you can tighten or loosen. Just like the dance strap tank.

Oasis is similar to lagoon but it's much bluer. I think it's prettier than lagoon.

Sizing for the Stride is pretty easy because it's supposed to fit a little looser around the middle. If you size down it would be fitted but there is stretch. I sized down because I'm loosing weight but I liked the way the TTS was roomy. Size down was fitted around my hips but the arms shoulders and waist was perfect.


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