I just got this DVD a few days ago (ya I know, I buy the one thing not on sale in the store) after reading the blog http://myhappyhips.blogspot.com written by a Lululemon Educator from Briar Hill who decided to document her 30 day Yoga challenge using just Eion Finns DVD’s. I was inspired to give this DVD a try because lately after running I’ve been cutting out the stretching portion because I’ve been short on time and I’ve been running longer distances. I’ve started getting a really sore left hip which I think is because the ligaments in that area where stretched to hell from my c-section and it’s just reset in a tighter position than is comfortable. 

I’ve been really missing my Bikrams practice but that’s just not something I can do right now with the kids, nor can I replicate the sauna effect in my living room. Usually I find it hard to do yoga from home because I don’t get that relaxed meditative feeling that you get with a yoga studio and it ends up feeling like just a bunch of stretches so I was a bit sceptical that I would like this DVD. Not the case. The combination of the Vancouver Beach and Mountain scenes always puts me in a happy place anyways and Eions narcotic like dialogue really gets you in the right frame of mind to practice yoga at home. Doesn’t hurt that he’s kinda hunky.  My plan is to do this DVD during the kiddies nap times but my last two attempts have been with the kids awake so I was not able to do a whole series. The opening poses of Sun Salutation really had me warming up and sweating good and the next day I woke up with a pretty sore back so I think this was a good buy as far as Yoga DVD’s go. Maybe Ill get to develop some upper body strength too and not just core and leg strength that I get with running.

Man I wish I could have time for Running, Bikrams and going to the Spa on a regular basis but that really would just be a life of leisure and not the point of being a stay at home mom. Oh well, Ill make due with my DVD and fitting my runs in when my husbands home from work and that should keep me reasonably happy and balanced. 

The Pursuit of Happy Hips

  1. be careful of running with a sore hip. i had that issue with my right hip when i was marathon training in 2008, and now i'm dealing with it again (my baby is 3 months old, but i didn't have a c-section). anyway, in my case, the issue was more than just one muscle or ligament and there are a bunch of stretches and such that my pt recommended, as well as some strengthening. my obliques were involved, my piriformis, my it band, etc. so be careful to not just "run through it" or it could get worse. definitely worth stretching out after a run, and strengthening the area in general. 🙂

  2. i totally understand. i have a 3 year old and 5 year old, in addition to the 3 month old, so i know exactly where you're coming from. if i'm doing my run after dh comes home, i stretch everything after i help get the kids ready for bed. my pt had me doing "clams", different kinds of leg lifts, and working with resistance bands while standing. runnersworld.com has some really good stuff about how to stretch and work your hips. i found it all really helpful, though oddly enough, something about the marathon itself seemed to cure the problem. that was the only thing that didn't hurt when i was done, and it didn't bother me at all again until i started running again after this most recent baby.

    take your time with the marathon distances. i started running in march of 2008 and did my first marathon in january 2009. WAY too early, i would never recommend doing it that way (i learned a lot of hard way lessons during that training and race). the conventional wisdom is that you should be running for at least a year before attempting a marathon, and there are good reasons for that. i'm training for my second now and hopefully it'll be a more positive experience than my first!

  3. I have had IT issues before but not that high up. I'm pretty sure it's due to the c-section because right before I started running and a few weeks after the c-section I was getting sharp shooting pains in that exact spot as everything was starting to come back together and heal all those ripped ripped muscles. I really do have to make more time to stretch it out right after the run though, it's just hard when you know the babies are crying and dinner needs to get started and it's getting close to there bedtime.

  4. Thanks for the running tip!!! My goal is to run marathon distances…maybe in 5 years? maybe sooner? maybe later???

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