I’m really getting stoked about trying these on. Especially since it’s Luon light which I love. The more I see of the Pig Pink Halter and all the pretty detailing and the vibrant Wish blue the more I want it. I wonder if it will make it to this Thursdays upload considering there not in most Lower Mainland stores. Maybe there wont be any upload this Thursday except for Loot items.

  1. I'm looking forward to hearing the reviews on this tank. Some have mentioned that had it last year, that it's too much pressure on the neck. I think it's cute. I really want some tanks in the wish blue but this pink/color combo is really growing on me.

  2. i am also torn between these two gorgeous colours… at first i was set on the wish blue, but the pig pink/coal is really winning me over! ahhhh, what to do >_<…

  3. I got both…hoping I would decide within two weeks. But now I want to keep both colors, they are both so pretty!

  4. I tried the hip halter today. Still debating on this one. I am 5'2" and I don't like my tanks really long, usually have them hemmed just a little. This tank is very long to me. You take it up too much or you will be too close to the lulu logo and it would look funny. I'll try it on again in a few days. Today I just picked up my no limit in black. That is the only color coming into the US at this time. I got the Do it all shorts, in black, marked down to $49. Now just waiting for more new tanks and colors to arrive.

  5. Ahh, I can see myself doing that too. But I like three colors so I may get the two Halters and a cool blue racerback.

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