Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Look at how pretty Wish and Electric Orange look together.

by Cristina

Also Strutus crops in the background. Meh, on those ones.

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Anonymous June 23, 2010 - 10:59 pm

I read your Bikram post a few weeks ago. I thought it was interesting and educational but I don't do yoga. I am now going to one Bikram yoga class with two Lulu educators tomorrow. One has been going for a few weeks and loves it but says she's still a beginner. The other is fairly new to it but has gone. I have only been to 2 yoga classes in 5 years and it was just a bit heated, I sure wouldn't call it hot yoga. I am so nervous about going. They did tell me to drink alot of water before & after. I planned on buying the smart water 2 1 liter bottles. Do you think I should still do the Vita Coco & Emergen-c? I am only going once for now and want to make the best of my experience. My gym doesn't offer this type and I pay so much as it is for classes, personal sessions, etc. that I am not going to start paying to attend this place. I am willing to try it once with these young ladies more just for fun. They are bringing me a mat and told me to bring a beach towel and a hand towel to dry off. Any other recommendations? Thx

Lululemon mum June 24, 2010 - 1:25 am

Good for you for trying it. You will feel so great after. I would for sure drink the 2 lt of water and if you can get some coconut water or gatorade for right before the class it will really help. you will loose electorlites along with the sweat so just water will not rehydrate you enough (this was the case for me at least) Dress light and as little as your willing to go…but make sure you can move in what your wearing without flashing your neighbor.


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