1. Thank you for posting that! You look great!

    A few more questions:
    1. How tall are you, and how long is the tunic on you (it's hard to tell in the picture and the lab's picture as both are black tunic on black leggings)?
    2. Did you stay true to your normal size? I wear a 10 in the remix hoodie, but an 8 in the lux and rewind tee (which reminds me a bit of this tunic)?

  2. I'm 5'4 and pretty short legged. the tunic hits me a slightly higher than mid thigh so someone more petit could easily use this as a dress. I could but I usually don't go shorter than my knees. I went down a size based on the Educators recommendations (the 12 was huge on me) so I would go an 8 for you for sure. this is for could be worn dressed up to the office as it doesn't look sporty on…just maybe casual.

  3. well, my thighs are long and my calves are short so keep that in mind on were exactly it hits me on my thighs.

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