Wednesday, June 19, 2024

More Love for the Lulu Lab and it’s funky designs.

by Cristina

I love the Lulu lab. If ever your on the lookout for any accessory such as bags, running hats or socks that are no longer available in your store, check the lab cause they have it all.

I love how fast they do hemming and that it’s totally free. Thanks for that lulu, that and the free shipping (website, not lab) kinda makes up for the higher prices.

I love that the Lulu logo on their clothes is not the same reflective one that you have on everything else but an embossed black logo that shows your item is special and one of a kind (or at least one in a limited series).

It’s so great to see some of the ideas that the designers have and then seeing something in the main stores that sort of relates to or resembles something made at the lab. Harem Pants = Move Me Crops.

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