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lululemon Try-On Haul | Cropped Define Mesh Jacket, Lightweight Tennis Mid-Rise Track Pants, Speed Up Shorts on Mid-Size, Cinchable Waist High-Rise Woven Short 3.5″

by Cristina

Happy Spring, guys! I wanted to share my latest lululemon haul and lululemon try-ones in the fitting room. I’ve tried on several great items this month and have a few new favourites in my closet. The new Cropped Define Mesh Jacket is a winner, and the Lightweight Tennis Mid-Rise Track Pants are perfect for summer! By far my favourite purchase though is this beautiful purple 1 litre water bottle which I shared in my facebook group and on Instagram the other day. I didn’t’ realize it wasn’t online yet so I caused quite the tizzy with a lot of you wanting to order it immediately. As of this morning its now online, so if you want it, I recommend grabbing it. It’s already sold out in my closest lululemon store and they only got it on Monday! 

lululemon Try-On Haul

-Berry Mist/Lilac Smoke/Dark Lavender

Back to Life Sport Bottle 32oz

So, I am in love with this new sport bottle from lululemon. I’m already a fan of the smaller 24oz bottle but I needed a full 1 litre bottle and was excited to see this beautiful color in store the other day. Also, it’s now finally available online!

Back to Life Sport Bottle 32oz - Berry Mist/Lilac Smoke/Dark Lavender

lululemon Lightweight Tennis Mid-Rise Track Pants Full Length + Cropped Define Mesh Jacket

The Define Jacket from my lululemon haul is a keeper! So, it's lightweight and airy, and it feels stretchier than a regular Define Jacket. Normally I’d size up from this in the Define but it goes to a 12 and the 12 fits more comfortably than the regular. Also, I do wish it was less cropped, but I can live with the length.
The Tennis Pants are incredibly lightweight and silky. The material is not what I expected at all. I was expecting somewhat stiff and loud crinkly track material. They are a roomy TTS. I love the exaggerated silhouette you get from the pleats. They are very retro!

lululemon Cropped Define Jacket Nulu

Because the Cropped Define Jacket in Nulu (not mesh) is also coming in Dark Lavender, I wanted to try it on in store for sizing. They only had black cropped define jackets at my store and the largest size they had was a 10. I would definitely order this in a size 12, and probably a 14 if it comes in that size. I love Dark Lavender so I will definitely be ordering it once it uploads online.

What’s the deal with the reduced inventory in stores? My store only has a 2-3 colors in regular defines, no hooded defines and just the black cropped define. This is the hottest selling item online right now!

Cinchable Waist High-Rise Woven Short 3.5"

So, every year I look for casual shorts from my lululemon haul that will work with my ‘MID-SIZE’ (yuck I hate that term) big-quad/short legged frame. Also, it’s not easy. Shorts can look too short or too tight, or ride up. It’s such a finicky balance.

These are perfection! I normally prefer shorts that are 4”. Also, these feel longer than 3.5 thanks to the wider leg openings. The material is lightweight but structured enough that they look a bit dressier. I love all three color options. I’m also considering getting them in bone.

This is the subtitle

Speed Up High-Rise Short 4” - lululemon Define Jacket

The Flush Pink Define Jacket is so pretty! So, I did not buy it because I was hoping we would see the Hooded Define Jacket in Flush Pink, but alas, it seems the Hooded Define Jacket isn’t being made in new colors. Boo to that! Also, it’s my favourite! This is a size 12. The fit is correct but I would probably go for a 14 for extra tummy room since it’s so form fitting around the middle.

So, I am LATE to the Speed Up bandwagon, and I am a new convert. Also, typically I wear the Track That shorts because they are nice and long and roomy. But I always whistfully look at the ‘skinny girl’ speed shorts. Also, those always looked like underwear on me since the leg opening was so narrow and the length was so short. I never realized that the Speed Ups fit so much more relaxed. So, a girl at my gym was wearing them and she recommended I try them on. She sizes up in them from a 6 to a 10 and they looked nice and roomy. These in the Highlight Yellow are my TTS, but I did order a black pair two sizes up and I love them for the gym.

I really loved this neon color too though so I got them in my TTS and am debating them. You can see in the photo below that they are somewhat sheer with the white colored undershort. If they where a size up, they would be less sheer since they would sit away from the body more.


Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank Top 2.0 Race Length

So, this slate/white racerback really caught my eye. Also, I don’t have any grey neutral tank tops that work with my brighter colors and my daughter pulled this one out for me to try on. So, for some reason, this mid value grey really pops with every color I tried it on with. I’ve been needing some new tank tops for the gym and this one is a winner for me. I can throw it on in the morning without wondering what I can match it with.

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caramelized_toni May 25, 2023 - 2:48 pm

So great to see you back in the dressing room. It certainly gives me ideas on what to order! Thanks Cristina!

Cristina May 26, 2023 - 11:07 am

Thank you! ♥️


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