Thursday, September 29, 2022

Peloton Amazon Partnership

by Cristina

Peloton Amazon has just launched! You can now buy a Peloton Bikeany peloton shoes on amazon or Peloton accessories or Peloton Apparel right now! Available on in the US. 

At this moment, Bike Plus and treadmill are not for sale on Amazon, just the original Peloton Bike. The original Peloton Bike is only available in certain US locations. 

You can shop the original Peloton Bike, all of the accessories and the Peloton Apparel collection with free shipping and delivery. Amazon provides in-home assembly for the Bike with no extra charge. 

Shop the Peloton Store Right Here

Peloton Shoes on amazon - Peloton Amazon

peloton shoes on amazon

peloton accessories amazon

The Peloton Bike (original)

I have the original Peloton Bike, not the Bike+, which I got in August 2020. It was really great having an intense indoor workout that was also engaging during the early days of the pandemic. These days I really appreciate the bike for it’s training abilities. I love the Power Zone training programming. 

peloton on amazon

Peloton Apparel Amazon is now available!

While the Peloton Bike is not quite yet available on Amazon (it is listed though), the Peloton Apparel is available to shop now.  

Peloton Shoes on Amazon would have been great when I got my bike in August 2020!

I would have been able to buy Peloton Shoes on amazon when I first received my bike. Back then, the bike was so popular that there was a shortage with shoes and a long wait list. I received my bike, and then realized I couldn’t use it until I received shoes which wouldn’t be for a few weeks. Luckily I was able to find compatible cycling shoes at a nearby bike shop, but the pickings where slim. 

The Peloton Accessories on Amazon really intrigues me as I am slowly building an in-home gym. I love the Peloton tension bands and the weights. 

Peloton Amazon


View my favourite Peloton Accessories here in my Amazon shop!

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