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lululemon Unicorn Tears Print

A Favorite Vintage lululemon Print From The Archives

by Cristina

The lore of lululemon unicorn tears

lululemon Unicorn Tears came on the scene January 2012 and was one of the first popular prints from lululemon.  During that time the concept of ‘lululemon unicorns’ was born. These are the coveted lululemon items that at one time would sell for 200-300% over retail. The scarcity model created frenzy. Special prints like this compounded the interest. Scarcity as if they where mythological beings.  It was a recipe for unbridled capitalism. 

How popular prints from lululemon enticed terrible trolls

Part of the lore of the unicorn tears from lululemon involved two terrible trolls. The trolls created several fake online profiles and created a fake listing. And troll bidding ensued until the jacket reached around $350. Eventually, after baiting heated fights, the fake accounts where discovered. Those same fake accounts had also been trolling this site.

Is there still a vintage lululemon market?

While popular prints from lululemon no longer sell for 300% higher on the resale market, some do still fetch at least 90% of their original retail value. Some of us are still willing to pay above retail for items like the Unicorn Tears Jacket from lululemon.  I was never personally crazy about this specific print, but I certainly was about the Multi Poncho Stripe Hustle Jacket. I was lucky enough to find it in a resale store a few years ago. 

lululemon unicorn tears - downtime jacket

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Below the Divider - This post was originally published January 22, 2012

This tiny image from Megan was spotted in Oxygen Magazine and it looks very much like a new Unicorn Tears printed bra. The colors look like perhaps soot or some other grey and either flash or the new orange we previewed the other day with the Dazling Ultraviolet Astro Pants. This print seems a lot more subdued from the last Unicorn Tears Print.

Lululemon in Oxygen Magazine


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