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Lululemon Upload

Lululemon Upload

Lululemon upload

The lululemon upload is live!

Pink! So much neon pink! I love it. This weeks lululemon upload was trouble for me thanks to all the Ripened Raspberry. Did you see my review this week of the Non-Stop Bomber in Ripened Raspberry ? yah I like this pink a lot. It’s loud and bossy. Since I’m really a neutrals girl when it comes to tights, I am thrilled to have so many tops options in this fun color. 

I ordered the Align Tank, Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip as well as the All Yours Hoodie. I won’t be keeping both hoodies (probably), I was just unusually indecisive. It’s best to try them on side by side to see what version I like best. Normally I prefer the 1/2 zip but I’m really feeling the vibes of the All Yours in Ripened Raspberry. The longer fit is appealing, as is the lack of contrasting from zippers. Do you have a preference between the Scuba 1/2 Zip, the full zip and the All Yours Hoodie? Let me know which you prefer, it may help me decide. 

The joggers sneak peek in this picture is peeking my curiosity. I like them! Hopefully we will get those soon because I’m living in joggers these days. 

Honourable mentions this week go to the Heritage 365 Camo Dusky Lavender Multi Scuba, the lululemon align sleeveless bodysuit and the lululemon align high-rise with pockets. I ordered the pocket aligns last week so I should have a review for you soon. I also would like to try on the sleeveless bodysuit. 

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  • Where are the rhino grey aligns I keep seeing pictured? France has them. Will we ever get it?
    I’d like to try the scuba 1/2 zip but have yet to be able to scoop one in my size. Maybe LLL should make more xs/s if they sell out that fast and are “unavailable” in stores

    • I got the raspberry half zip too, but I’m having some second thoughts. The cropped style usually doesn’t work for me. I think maybe I should’ve gone for the All Yours instead. I’ll be interested to see your thoughts on both.

      I also got the le tigre aligns. It would be a wild outfit to see the raspberry and le tigre together!

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