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Non-Stop Bomber in Ripened Raspberry

by Cristina

I didn’t order the Non-Stop Bomber Jacket Ripened Raspberry jacket a few weeks ago when it uploaded. I didn’t think it would sell out that quickly because it is such a BRIGHT color. It’s pretty much a neon. I loved it instantly online, but wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger then. A few nights ago I decided I should order lululemon bomber jacket women’s in the pink, but alas it was fully sold out. Yesterday I happened to find a lone one at lululemon, and it was a size down from what I would have ordered. Luckily the fit was spot on so I snatched it up.

On to my lululemon women’s bomber jacket review:

Non-Stop Bomber Ripened Raspberry

lululemon fitting room - non-stop bomber jacket - lululemon bomber jacket - lululemon non-stop bomber jacket - lululemon bomber jacket women’s

This is a very BRIGHT PINK lululemon bomber jacket and such a fun pop of color. I love it. I especially appreciate that the inside has a darker more subdued pink option with contrasting cuffs. Who doesn’t love a lululemon reversible bomber jacket?

This will look so great with black aligns and a black align tank underneath. I’ve held off getting this jacket in the past because I wasn’t sure how I’d like the outside part of the jacket worn on the inside, but it’s actually not unpleasant. My sister got the Non-Stop Bomber in black a few weeks ago and she’s obsessed with it. She looks fantastic in it.

I love the fit of lululemon bombers. They have really nice squared shoulders with a flattering silhouette. The proportions are really good, and it’s not too short. Bomber jackets with strong shoulders highlight a smaller waistline in a really feminine way. I have a few different brands of bomber jackets because it is a style that works so well for my curvy petite body type. I think a good bomber jacket is a style staple. They work similarly to blazers in pulling an outfit together and creating structured shapes. I hate a bomber that has sloped or rounded shoulders, or that is too puffy and undefined.

I’m feeling inspired to share a post with a comparison of my Mackage bomber, Alpha Industries bomber and my new lululemon non-stop bomber. Let me know if you guys want to see that.

This jacket is made for rain despite not having a hood. It’s water repellant and warm with the prima loft lining. I don’t wear my bomber jackets for weather though, they are more of a style choice than a practical choice.

fitting room try-ons - women’s bright pink bomber jacket

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Bomber Reversible_Ripened Raspberry_lululemon upload
Lululemon Non-Stop Bomber, Ripened Raspberry - Impuse Buy at lululemon, the best pink bomber jacket
lululemon bright pink - Bomber Jacket - Ripened Raspberry
lululemon bright pink bomber jacket

Non-Stop Bomber Jacket

Ripened Raspberry

  • Designed for On the Move
  • Water-Repellent, Glyde™ Fabric
  • Zippered pockets on one side
  • Pockets on both sides have hidden phone sleeves
  • Reversible! Flip inside out for two different looks

Some great photographs lululemon bomber jacket womens

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