Monday, March 20, 2023

lululemon try-ons: Radiant Jacket, Runderful LS Brushed, Engineered Warmth Jogger

by Cristina

Anyone in the mood today for some maladaptive neurotic shopping as a distraction? I have a few lululemon try-ons for you from Monday night’s upload.

Not everything in this lululemon try-ons / haul post is a keeper for me, but I did mostly like everything. Please forgive the lighting in this fitting room review. It’s a really dark and dreary day.

lululemon try-ons

Radiant Jacket II

lululemon try-ons: radiant jacket II submarine
lululemon try-ons
lululemon try-ons
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Radiant Jacket II

This submarine Radiant Jacket II is a definite winner for me. I’ve been interested in getting a Radiant Jacket II forever, since they first came out three years ago. When they first came out, Hong Kong got a herringbone version that never made it to North America. I held out for that one but it never materialized. I’ve been waiting for an exciting color and finally we got a bunch on Monday. Submarine is definitely my first pick. It reminds me of Alberta Lake like one of you mentioned in the comments. My second pick is the Chambray Blue one and I think once I return a few items I will bite the bullet on that one.

Warm Down Funnel Neck Long Sleeve

lululemon try-ons-warm down funnel neck long sleeve-submarine
lululemon try-ons
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The Warm Down Funnel Neck LS is another winner for me. This is old retro lulu but with upgraded material. This funnel neck hoodie reminds me of a Stress Less Pullover, married with an Every Yogi LS… in the stretchiest softest modal material. I love it. I’m considering Savannah, but actually prefer Deep Fuchsia if that color ever gets released in this. The sweater is really long and fully covers my butt and then some, but I love that because of the lightness of the material I can also wear it up higher without adding bulk. I sized up in a 12 in this but could have stayed TTS. It’s roomy and very long.

Runderfull LS Brushed

lululemon try-ons, runderful ls brushed-submarine

runderful long sleeve deep fuchsia

The Runderful LS Brushed was a bit of a letdown for me. Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful. I love the colors. I love RULU. I love how they look on others. BUT, they fit me really odd. I sized up in this because I knew it was a snugger fit and on the shorter side, but I was surprised that they where still pretty snug in a size up. They where snug in my shoulder area which then pulled the top up creating bunching and points in all the wrong areas.

There was also a pretty significant difference in fit between the Submarine and the Fuchsia. Submarine was soft and stretchy, a little snug but comfortable The Fuchsia was thicker, stiffer and tighter and felt restrictive in my shoulders. I was wearing a tee shirt under it and actually had to remove the tee shirt because it felt like everything was getting bunched up in my shoulders. Removing my under layer didn’t change that feeling.

I also didn’t like the reflective strips on the fuschia. On the fuschia they are white, and it looks like a seam tape on an inside out shirt. It’s also just an odd location for reflective stripping. I feel like it should have been horizontal and a little longer instead of vertical. The submarine reflective tabs are darker and don’t stand out.

I think these are both going back, but if I was going to keep one it would definitely be the Submarine one.

Engineered Warmth Jogger

The Engineered Warmth Joggers are a lot more substantial than I expected them to be. They are lined with a soft nylon like material which is I think what is used in a lot of the winter jacket liners. Because of this they don’t really feel like merino wool pants, but they do have that lightness that merino wool provides. They are really cute and have that wintery thermal pant look. I stayed TTS in these which I like, but would size up if I wanted a slouchier look. These are keepers, as long as I return the Runderful LS’s.

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Doreen November 6, 2020 - 4:51 pm

This review is so helpful. I was interest in the pants but hate to guess on size, they are really flattering on you!! Good to know they are TTS!! I agree on the runderful tops, thought it was me with the shoulder issue because I have wide shoulders and when I sized up the body looked awful. Thanks for the try on!!!!

Andie November 9, 2020 - 6:09 pm

I had the same issue with the Runderful not fitting right. I picked up two last year and love them, but this year’s version seems to be tighter and shorter. Love the jogger on you. They look like a perfect fit.


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