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Make Time To Move

Make Time To Move


It’s time to Make Time To Move with lululemon!

Thank you again to lululemon for working with me on this post. I have been loving sharing my lululemon gear with you outside of the usual ‘fit review’ posts and try-ons. Sharing my fitness journey and everyday life with you guys has been so fun! Although you all know I live in my lululemon everyday, you probably don’t get to see my real life featured very often or see me wear the clothes in action.  It took a very long time for me to get over taking blog pictures in public and worrying what the neighbours or strangers are thinking.  Relying on the usual post formula and excluding ‘me’ from the posts is safe and simple, but not super exciting. It’s so great having this kind of external prompt from lululemon, which gives me permission to  be more creative and brave with my posts. I have loved working in partnership with lululemon. They have encouraged me to be my most authentic and creative self and I am so grateful for that type of collaboration. As always, my thoughts, opinions, selections and content is my own. 

lululemon has sponsored this post and kindly provided me with these outfits, all of my choosing. In the above photos I am wearing the Invigorate High Rise Tights in Iron Blue, Dynamic Movement Zip Hoodie, Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve 2.0 in True Navy and my Energy Bra.

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Make Time To Move is my new priority. This is how I'm doing it.

Making time to move this fall has been no small feat for me. The quick pace of fall routines and the change in weather makes it easy to want to stay cozy and comfortable. Truthfully, I have gained some weight since July and I’m not feeling great about that. Stress and life got the best of me, but now it’s time to take control.  It would be so easy to make the excuse right now that it’s too cold or rainy to get out for workouts or that I’m too busy. I’m committed to making time to move each day. That’s step one. Step two is committing to getting my nutrition back in focus.  I’m taking advantage of every sunny day and getting outside thanks to beautiful workout clothes that make me feel confident, put together and ready for any type of weather. Some days, cute workout clothes are my entire motivation. Having the right layers for a crisp fall outdoor run makes an impromptu afternoon run very enticing. 

I’ve been really busy the last two months but simplifying my workout goals to ‘making time to move’ takes so much pressure off of committing to a specific type of workout regime or class, or specific schedule. I can squeeze in a 3 mile run after school drop off, before an appointment. I can turn taking the kids to the park  to do volleyball drills with my 12 year old part of my workout too. Somedays workout out at home is the way to get it in and in that case, I can easily do a kettlebell workout, or squeeze in a 15 minute cycling class. The key is to dress for a potential workout in the morning and find that opportunity anywhere in my day.

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Make Time To Move with Lululemon

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For the past year I’ve been slowly building up a simple home gym. It started with a 35lb Kettlebell and a jump rope which provided a ton of workout options. I love that I can take that kettlebell outside for workouts too and that it takes up very little space.  Eventually, my husband got himself a set of dumbbells, and I got myself an oly lifting bar with a couple of bumper plates. I don’t have the range of bumper plates I would like just yet but I have enough to get a solid workout in, and to work on technique in addition to my outside cardio. 

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How are you guys making time to move? Do any of you workout on your lunch hour? What's your strategy for getting movement in each day?​

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  • So glad Lulu is finally recognizing you and all that you’ve done as an ambassador to their brand….for all these years!

  • Thank you for this great post! My move plan is to: Bike to work (I say it is for the planet but honestly I am too cheap to pay parking so very motivated to do this every day, run just before coming home with longer runs on the weekend, weights at my desk so I can fit in 20 reps of various exercises throughout the day (Zoom calls with video off is useful for this :).. I used to do lots of structured activities, bootcamp, spin etc. – but the strict schedule just added stress when you have a family. Agree, you just have to find activities that are flexible, even a few mins at a time!

  • I’m so excited that lulu is sponsoring your fits! You definitely deserve it! You look amazing in your work out pics — I love the attitude you are taking towards fitness this week. Best of luck and keep these posts coming. 🙂

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