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Lululemon Upload

Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is live!

Submarine Align Tank for me this week. I also really wanted the Submarine Runderful LS but Canada didn’t get it. I was hoping we would see the French Press Aligns today but no luck. Maybe it will be a mid-week product drop. I loved the Unlimit High-Rise Tight in French Press but I prefer aligns since they are a bit more streamlined. The color is my favourite brown that Lululemon has done, of all time.

I’m currently debating the Perfectly Oversized Crew in Wild Thing Camo Brown Earth Multi, and the Break A Trail Pant.

I think the Break A Trail Pants may be essential for my upcoming puppy adventures. I have two new puppies coming to me very soon and so I will be spending a LOT of time walking trails with them this winter. My senior dog who passed away this summer did not enjoy walks these past few years and only liked her short round-the-block gangsta strolls. I suspect these little pups are going to need a lot of outdoors time, rain or shine. The Dynamic Movement Joggers (mostly sold out) where just a bit too toasty for me.

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What did you guys order today?

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  • I’m not sure why it takes so long for the Canadian side to upload their new items but even clearing my caches etc, the upload doesn’t usually appear for a couple of hours after I get your emails!

  • Often when I see the upload on the CAD side I can’t click on the new colors or add them to my shopping cart for at least 30 minutes.

  • I tried on the Radiant Jacket today at my store in Southlake (Dallas suburb) who had just got it and it was sooo snug in my TTs. Boooo. Normally I can size down in lulu jackets just fine, but it’s a very form-fitting, super lean jacket. Unzipped it didn’t look so great in me. Very well made, but not for me. Loved the length though. Sad about it not working but to not love love love it – for $118 + tax … nope.

  • Do you think those Break a Trail pants will be warm?? I agree the Dynamic Days are a little too warm, but still looking for pants to wear in the winter.

  • I so dislike all these “short/crop tops”. I live in a very cold area of the country and I like more coverage. Seems to be the trend. Wish for more length with tops-and long sleeve options. The near-by LuLu shop is filled with these …. are these a big seller? It would seem with an abundance of these on hangers …. makes me wonder.

  • How does the align tank fit for a larger woman with bigger chest? I want to order the tank but afraid it won’t fit well.

  • Well you are sure brave taking on two puppies at once! I have a havanese/poodle cross puppy coming in 3 weeks. I can’t take her for outdoor walks until she is four months, not having all her vaccinations until then. When we do get to go outdoors I will be wearing my wunderunder lounge pants which are the best winter pants I have ever owned.

    • I know, we will have our hands very full. Luckily the puppy care work will be divided. Yay! congrats on your upcoming puppy! Mine will be vaccinated with their first shots already but will still require their boosters so it will be a few weeks before they can be outside. Just in time for the real cold weather.

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