Happy upload day! Lululemon Upload is live. Is it the year 2021 yet? 

This was a fun upload for me. Of course I ordered the rainbow swiftly ss. It’s beautiful! I also ordered the new diamond dye nulu CRB since I’ve fallen in love with the nulu CRB’s. I’m debating the matching align crops

The US was lucky and got the pretty shibori swiftly. I definitely would have gotten that one. I’ve really loved the long sleeve version which I’ve seen in store. I don’t wear LS’s enough to justify it. I’ll be all over the tank when it does come to Canada. 

I expected to see more Iron Blue items this upload but there where just a few pieces. Iron Blue is a new favourite. 

Did you order anything today? 

  1. There are cool fast & free combo shorts but they look kind of weird. I wish they made more shorts like the ones I got at Seawheeze last year (Monet print with bright blue tighter shorts underneath) … I live in them!

    Also ordered the rainbow swiftly 🤞

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