Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ancient Copper Align Tank, Lunar Lengths Wrap Sweater, CRB Incognito Camo Pink Taupe

by Cristina

Mail Day! Yah! My Ancient Copper Align Tank arrived along with my other purchases, The Pink Camo CRB, and the Lunar Lengths Wrap Sweater. I am in LOVE with the Ancient Copper Align Tank. We need more items in this color!

This is just a show and tell post. I wanted to quickly get some photos up for you guys to see these items because I love them all. Initially I had just ordered the Lunar Lengths Wrap Sweater in Soft Sand, but then I worried that the color would look terrible on me so I ordered Iced Iris. I actually really love the Soft Sand so that’s the one I’m keeping. I love the length on it. 

I haven’t ordered a CRB in Yeheheears. They used to be my #1 Lululemon purchase and I wore them all the time. After they changed the CRB design I just stopped buying them. I ordered the CRB II Nulu because I love the pink camp print. That’s another color I thought would look terrible on me but when I tried on the Track That Shorts  I saw how flattering it was, especially paired with black. Well… I once again love the CRB’s. I sized up because it’s Nulu and now I’m wondering why there aren’t more colors and prints in this tank?

**All photos have been edited for light quality. First photo uses a filter, all the other photos have just been brightened.

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Samantha August 8, 2020 - 4:01 am

The camo crb looks great on you. I resisted the crb 2 at first, but I have several now. While I don’t love the look of the racerback design as much, the tank is higher in the chest and has a shorter hem, both of which I like so much better than the original. I have a ton of crb 1 tanks, but if I could trade them out for crb 2s in the same color, I probably would.

Violet August 10, 2020 - 5:24 am

CRBs are still my go-to. I was disappointed when they redesigned them as well and only bought the CRB II if the colour was too gorgeous to pass up, but there have been very few of those lately. I recently bought a black one in nulu and am obsessed, and then bought the grey wee stripe and whatever that print that currently deeply discounted is. God, I love nulu. It’s all I want to wear right now. I suppose I’ll eventually have to start wearing regular clothes again.

Breanna August 10, 2020 - 8:55 pm

I am super disappointed I wasn’t able to get the align tank in the ancient copper! I don’t know what I could’ve done though. I was. on around ~1pm MDT (Canada) and they were all sold out. Crazy! Even more jealous now seeing how great it looks on you!


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