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The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine: What Are We Buying Online? Tie Dye Lounge Sets!

by Cristina

BORED IN A HOUSE BORED IN A HOUSE BORED so I’m being super nosy and checking in to see what everyone is online shopping for in fashion right now and in other things. This Is All The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine, and of course all the Beauty Trends are included as well and some interesting ‘other’ items. Some of it, I must say is quite amusing.

The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine

Tie Dye Lounge Sets are Trending

Loungewear Sets in general of course, but Tie Dye Lounge Sets specifically. In fact, they are selling out like toilette paper. This is The Number One Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine.

Tie Dye Sweatshirts are trending right now for quarantine, The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine
The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine, Tie Dye Sweatsuits Are Trending During Quarantine

Of Course, Lululemon Makes The Best Loungewear For Quarantine

The Loungewear I’ve Been Buying..

Lululemon makes the best loungewear for quarantine, The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine
The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This is a very practical trend now that many of us are working from home and homeschooling our kids. We aren’t just pulling full time hours at work, we are also offering our kids tech support and homework help which involves screen time, and our off work relaxation time also involves plenty of screen time.

I actually immediately ordered this pair of Quay Australia Blue Light Glasses after reading about this trend because my eyes have been feeling so strained lately and I’ve been having constant headaches.

Love these Tom Fords. They are pretty but pricey!

Hair Dyes & Cutters Are Selling Out

Because salons are closed, and now one month in to quarantine, people are buying all the at home hair salon supplies. Specifically, Hair Dye and Hair cutters. Fun fact, my mom has always hoarded (among some other key items) hair dye. She is an older boomer and a product of depression era living so she has this quirk where she is always stockpiling random things (laundry detergent, toilette paper, hair color) without even thinking about it. These random hoards never ever made sense to me…. until now. She just feels good knowing she has these items stashed away in her ‘shopping room’.

How many of you have been brave enough to give your husbands or significant others hair cuts?


This one makes sense. Nothing better than pretty lingerie hiding beneath a grungy pair of sweatpants and housecoat. It makes us feel a bit better now that all those greys are sprouting, right? We are spending more on lingerie right now and it’s probably because we don’t need to spend much on outside clothes that the outside world will see. We are humans and self expression is ingrained in us. Even though these items have a limited audience, we are buying up all the pretty lingerie things . I love lingerie shopping all of the time though so in the next few days I will share my favourite recent lingerie additions.

& Sex Toys

I did a search engine trend look to see what was trending in shopping during Corona Virus Quarantine and this was #1. Is this for singles? Couples spending too much together time? Couples spicing things up together? Inquiring minds want to know…

Sex Toy Sales Are Up Amid Coronavirus says LA Times.

Don’t worry, Goop’s got you here..

The Fashion That Is Trending During Quarantine, sex toys are trending during quarantine

Tops, But Not Bottoms

Walmart Sees an Increase In Tops Sales, But not Bottoms During Coronavirus.

We have video conferencing to thank for this one. Like I said yesterday with Lululemon’s upload of the In The Moment Shirt – Collar at the top, pyjamas on the bottom.

We Are Shopping Resale BIG TIME! The Resale Market Has Exploded During Quarantine.

This is anecdotal of course, but within my community of reselling friends, we are seeing an uptick in Poshmark and eBay sales. I’ve sold quite a few items the past couple of weeks, and I’ve also purchased an item or two from my longtime Lululemon wish list. Because retail stores are currently online only and with a limited sales force, their distribution and shipping has been bottlenecked causing huge delays. Resellers however are reliable because they are nimble. This is the amazon shipping effect. It’s also great to get a deal on items during tough economic times, and I think we are all a lot more mindful of waste. I foresee this market getting even bigger as retailers have to cut costs by not ordering Fall merchandise.

Have You Guys Thought Of Making Any Of These Purchases During Quarantine?

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Anonymous April 20, 2020 - 7:35 pm

My five year is anniversary is coming up. And, as you can imagine, in quarantine it’s been all casual wear all the time. Any recommendations on sexy lingerie for the big day? I never buy this stuff but feel like this is the right time!

Cristina April 20, 2020 - 10:34 pm

Definitely if you are feeling it for this anniversary you should absolutely go for it. Go for it just for you, too!
I highly recommend these brands: Coco De Mer, Bordelle, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Dita Von Teese. But buy them on eBay or Poshmark (NWT of course) for a fraction of the price. Some of these brands are very pricey but you can get bargains on these sites where people have access to clearance. Of all of the brands I most love Coco De Mer or Dita Von Teese which are also the affordable brands. Dita Von Teese is available at Nordstrom. I find the bras very flattering and lifting.


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