The Upload! What’s New At Lululemon today?

Little upload today but I am interested in two items. I will definitely be ordering the Graphite Grey Aligns, and I am considering getting the new modal Day To Light Tank. I’m also doing some birthday shopping for my husband and looking at these, these joggers, and these shorts. He specifically requested some Lululemon this time around which he RARELY does.

PSA on Corona Virus \ Covid-19 and how it matters within our very resourceful Lululemon community. Please do not participate in the underground economy of hand sanitizers/toilet paper, medicines or other pandemic staples. Do not remove these items from your community as the at-risk people living there need access to them. It is very much a position of privilege to be able to go online and order these items up from an online social shopping network just because you notice a friend is collecting and selling them. A senior citizen with cancer does not have this kind of access. We need these items to stay in the hands of vulnerable people in our community first. Retail arbitraging these essentials means stores are not able to adequately meet local demand.

What’s New At Lululemon

What's New At Lululemon

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Pack It Up Jacket

What's New At Lululemon

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Day To Light Tank

Tempted by this. It’s Modal!

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Align Pant

This is the perfect grey!

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Cross Chill Jacket

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Running Pretty Dress

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  1. Great PSA–and thank you! My hubby is immunocompromised, and it’s scary that doomsdayers are hoarding the supplies he actually needs. I still don’t get the toilet paper panic, though? Why toilet paper of all things?

    Nothing for me this week, but is that a Wild Bluebell Invigorate Bra sneak peek? I like it.

    1. Yes I have several people in my family immunocompromised and it’s very upsetting to see the hoarding and the selling. The dollar store near me is currently selling $28 hand sanitizer and $40 flimsy dollar store quality (useless) face masks. Seeing these things now being moved in the lulu groups is very upsetting.

      I get stocking up on an extra supply of TP (not multiple, not hoards, not to sell or angel) or necessities because Italy only got 24 hours notice of the quarantine, and now New Rochelle in NY unexpectedly issued a quarantine zone in the area. I can’t imagine the chaos of picking those types of items up when everyone is given 24 hours to get ready. If it comes to that, the point is everyone doing their part and staying home so as not to be carriers or spreaders and to throttle the rate of infection so the hospitals can keep up. This has to be a community effort to prevent it getting out of control. That means ensuring people who need the supplies first get them. That means not seeing an opportunity for $$ and using that. That behavior shows a mindset and attitude of poverty, not entrepreneurship.

  2. I hear you on the virus! I am currently 34 weeks pregnant, and I cannot find hand sanitizer anywhere! I’m from Ancaster, Ontario and it is sold out everywhere!
    So yes please leave these items for people who need them, who really need them. People going through cancer treatment, the elderly anyone who’s immune system is low.
    Also, love look of the website!

  3. Soap and water are effective in killing viruses – even more so than hand-sanitisers as many of which are antibacterial only (they kill bacteria/germs but not viruses).

    I also don’t get the craziness over toilet paper.

    1. Absolutely. The covid-19 is a basic lipid layered virus which means it’s very easily destroyed by soap and water washing. This virus is containable with our social practices first and foremost.

      Commercial sanitizers work as well, just not as well and potentially not at all if your hands are dirty. The alcohol is what destroys that lipid layer in sanitizers, not antibiotics. I keep one set in the car, the kids wipe their hands at pickup. At home they wash their hands with soap and water. visiting grandma, they wash their hands at home, but if there is detour before arriving they wipe their hands before greeting her.

  4. Did Canada get the new long sleeve swiftly 2.0? Wondering what’s different. The fabulous Product descriptions give no clue. (Eyeroll). For that matter…does anyone know what’s different on the speed shorts? I am living soleil. I ordered the hot ty hits for my daughter and hope the come in the longer length. The high rise 4in hot ty hits are my new fave since the changes the speed shorts a couple years ago.

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