Absolute chaos this morning! Nothing like trying to quickly throw up a blog post while getting the kids ready for school. Lululemon Black Friday Sale is live, and it’s amazing!!! What are you buying? I never plan on shopping Black Friday, but I did pick up a few pieces.

Don’t Overlook These On The Move Pants. They are my favourite dress pant from Lululemon and are a fantastic deal! I’m thinking of getting the French Clay color. I got the Roksanda Inner Expanse Tight and now I’m very strongly considering a splurge on the Roam Far Wool Bomber Jacket. I’ve been eyeing that bomber for a while now but unsure what size I would need.

Lululemon Black Friday Sale

Pssst. Empress Mala Designs is having a huge Black Friday Sale with almost every design marked down! If you have girlfriends to shop for, this is a great gift idea.

If you need other Christmas Ideas from the Black Friday Sales, I got my husband this watch which was on his wish list.

Lululemon Black Friday Sale 2019
Lululemon Black Friday Sale 2019
Lululemon Black Friday Sale
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  1. Yes I’d love to hear what others are buying! I’m overwhelmed by the amount on there. I bought the roksanda bra in black and the roksanda crop so hopefully they work out! Trying to decide between the basic tighter stuff black tight which I’ve never tried or another pair of the train times in black!!!! I can’t decide!

  2. The still have Roksanda long jackets at Robson. 1 pink in XL and a bunch of the blue ones. $699 (not sure how much retail was)? So tempting! I managed to snag the lotus sweater and Roksanda shorts.

  3. 5 pickups at the outlet, first dibs, which was $15 (or more) off WMTM plus free purist cycling 26oz water bottle :

    ATRP 2, full-length black
    2x emerald nulux WUs
    snow washed luna WUs


    JIFO (jumpy inky floral black JIFO / #W5E34S) full-length WUs. I adopt the grab-first, ask questions later policy. Its always fun seeing the unexpected popup on black friday, but something from 5 years ago is crazyy

  4. Gosh. I found nothing. The few items I would have purchased were already sold out in my size when I checked after dinner Thursday. I had much better luck with Athleta’s 20% off total store. I’m glad you all found some great deals at Lulu! 🙂

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