The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is live!

Nothing for me this week. I was wanting to buy the All Yours Boyfriend Tee but Canada didn’t get it. I love the fit of the new Track That Short which I got a few months ago in black. I’m so happy to see new colours and might just pick up the blue and pink pair. This is the first time I’ve been able to find a pair of Lululemon athletic shorts that are perfectly proprtioned to me and my big booty/quads/long rise. The Hot Hotty Shorts Long are perfect in length and leg opening but way too low rise on me, and I have to size up in them. These fit me perfect in my TTS and I love how they look on.

The Fast and Free Shorts “6 are also a pair of shorts I’m loving. I got the Camo last week. The Cyprus is really pretty too! My only negative comment with these is the hemline does pinch in a bit which you can see on the model. I do love that it’s a finished hem on them though and not the cut hem that the crops have. Plus, I love that they have pockets so they are a proper running short. The pinching in is not enough of an issue that it bothers me but I did notice it and wanted to mention it.

Did you order anything today?

The Lululemon Upload

Speed Wunder Tight Nulux

Speed Wunder Tight  Nulux, Lululemon Upload

Track That Short

New colours! I love these shorts. If you have booties and quads, these are for you.

Track That Short 5", Lululemon Upload

Fast And Free Short 6″

I got the Camo last week and love them. They are great!

Fast and Free Short 6", Lululemon Upload

Speed Up Short Long 4″ Updated Fit

Speed Up Short Long  4" Updated Fit, Lululemon Upload

Run The Line Short * Reflective

Run The Line Short, Reflective, Lululemon Upload
Run The Line Short * Reflective, Lululemon Upload

Seek The Sky Jacket

Seek The Sky Jacket, Lululemon Upload

Love Tee V

Love Tee V, Red Dust, Lululemon Upload

Love Crew III

Love Crew III, Lululemon Upload

All Yours Boyfriend Tee Cloud Wash

All Yours Boyfriend Tee  Cloud Wash, Lululemon Upload

Swiftly Breeze Tank *Relaxed Fit

Swiftly Breeze Tank Relaxed Fit, Lululemon Upload, Lululemon Upload

Live In Lace Bralette

This is so pretty!

Live In Lace Bralette, Lululemon Upload

Free To Be Bra Long Line Rib Snow Wash

Free To Be Bra  Long Line Rib Snow Wash, Lululemon Upload

Scuba Hoodie

Scuba Hoodie, Lululemon Upload

All Yours Zip Hoodie

All Yours Zip Hoodie, Lululemon Upload

Cross Chill Jacket

Cross Chill Jacket, Lululemon Upload

Swiftly Tech SS Crew

Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew, Lululemon Upload

Seek Simplicity Tank

Seek Simplicity Tank

All Yours Hoodie

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Spring Break Away Short
Gotta Hustle Jacket
Time To Sweat Crop
Define Jacket
Here To Move Jacket
Wunder Under Hi rise crop lace
wunder under hi rise tight lace
in depth jacket Lace
In Depth Jacket Lace
Fabled Forest Short
Fabled Forest Short
fabled Forest Jacket
Fabled Forest Jacket
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  1. Is it just me or does every upload lately look the same? I can never really tell what’s new. All pretty boring looking. It’s sad to see the company not innovating any more.

  2. I spotted an orange Energy Bra Long Line and a red Energy Bra High Neck on the UK site this morning but sadly the US didn’t get them. Nothing for me this week, but I have my eyes peeled for those as well as the red ATRP Pant in the Swiftly Breeze Tank Relaxed Fit photos. Are they Scarlet? Dark Red? I don’t know, but I’m digging them!

  3. The tropics print is cute. I think I like the colours better than the ones that have been selling on Lulu land from uk. Thank goodness I didnt buy them…with shipping and tip I would have been regretting it given this nice colour combo.
    Nothing for me again. I am not willing to pay full price anymore. I have a couple things I am waiting to hit wmtm.
    Just curious if anyone got the short sleeve swiftly in the hyacinth colour and found it to be 2 inches longer than their other as swifylys. I’m kinda disappointed and no I don’t like hemming the tops as it removes the words on inside hem.
    Thanks for your work on blog!

  4. Does anyone know what the Seek Simplicity Tank is made of? Under “Fabric”, Lululemon has “Seamless construction minimizes chafing”. Wow, that’s helpful.

  5. I don’t know why I check the uploads every Tuesday still. Utterly boring, mostly a repeat of old styles, but in new colours. I’m not new to the company and have enough Lululemon stuff to last me a lifetime. I want something fresh and stylish, or made of an innovative material. Enough of the short tops, tacky designs (like those jackets with the lace pockets that are already on sale in stores, still for an arm and a leg) and fabrics that slip off of me (looking at you, Nulux!).

  6. Short sleeve swiftly in the hyacinth colour

    yes i purchased it found it usual length not overly long.

    Although purchese LS swiftly year back in same black and white stripe colour pattern, found it very short compared to other swiftly LS i own.
    Sometimes just happens on certain items.

  7. When will the new Lululemon brand of sneakers begin to sold?

    Purchased only SS swifty pink bliss waited forever for short sleeve to come out. Have similar matching LS swiftly porcelain pink which i never could wear in summer or spring months. Compliments well with my misty merlot crop leggings now i can wear year round.
    Only wish they come out with fitted Palm Court SS swiftly tech know there is relaxed fit but still?

    Bought time to sweat crops in wasabi from last week upload give it a go. Difficult to compliment a top probably purple be best and white. Maybe hyacinth swiftly i bought also would look okay paired together.

  8. Hi Christina,
    I find the latest uploads are very boring! Haven’t been excited about much.
    On another topic I remember you bought the UGG Kamile sandal; would you recommend? Love your blog!!! Keep up the wonderful job!

    1. I do! The soles are very comfortable and squishy. The top straps are really nice leather but they do take a few wears to break in and you may get digging in/blisters the first time you wear them. Once worn in they are perfect.

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