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The Lululemon Upload

May 21, 2019

The Lululemon Upload is live!

Nothing for me this week but there are several items I like, although I’m not loving the color palette overall. Loving the green Time To Sweat Crop, and the Define Jacket. Tempted by the Fast And Free Short 10″. It would be kind of a boring but practical purchase, especially for summer running. I’m not someone that wears shorts a lot for running so when I do I gravitate to biker short styles. The Spring Break Away Shorts in the new print is really cute for sunny vacations. That print is very preppy and it sort of reminds me of Tommy Bahamas.

I feel like these really light summer uploads are fooling us into thinking we wont be spending any money for the fall/winter uploads. I’m suspecting bigger than usual product drops for fall are coming. What do you guys think? Sometime in Mid August we will get a huge upload of bags, jackets and fall run gear. Maybe we will see prints and color stories come back.

My favourite purchases this summer so far are the In Depth Jacket Lace, Above The Clouds Jacket (wow! selling out quick!), Align Jogger Crop, and the Track That Short, Love Crew Fade in Washed Luna and French Clay. I’d love to know what your top favourites from Spring/Summer have been so far.

Shop The Lululemon Upload

Here To Move Jacket

Here To Move Jacket

Time To Sweat Crop

Time To Sweat Crop

Define Jacket

Define Jacket

Gotta Hustle Jacket

I felt this in store this morning and it’s a really interesting material. It’s a soft, really stretchy neoprene like fabric.

Gotta Hustle Jacket

Serve It Jacket

This is such a retro tennis jacket shape/

Serve It Jacket

Fast And Free Short 6″

Fast And Free Short 6" Non-Reflective

Fast And Free Short 10″

These are perfect for the Bike Short Trend I wrote about.

Fast and Free Short 10

Day Tripper Dress

Day Tripper Dress
Day Tripper Dress

Mist Over Windbreaker

Mist Over Windbreaker

Train Times Pant 25″

Train Times Pant

Tracker Short V 4″

Tracker Short V

Spring Break Away Short 4″

Perfect for a Hawaiian vacation!

Spring Break Away Short 4"

Pace Rival Skirt Extra Long 17″

Pace Rival Skirt  Extra Long 17"

All Night Festival Bag

All Night Festival Bag

Shop The Lululemon Upload Right Here

Spring Break Away Short
Gotta Hustle Jacket
Time To Sweat Crop
Define Jacket
Here To Move Jacket
Wunder Under Hi rise crop lace
wunder under hi rise tight lace
in depth jacket Lace
In Depth Jacket Lace
Fabled Forest Short
Fabled Forest Short
fabled Forest Jacket
Fabled Forest Jacket
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13 responses to “The Lululemon Upload”

  1. shadowy_lady says:

    Nothing for me again. If anyone is interested though, I have the Mist Over Windbreaker and really like it. I have done a few runs in it already (during rainy an wiindy days) and thought it worked well and it’s also very cute on! I will be taking it with me to Croatia this summer.

    The Day Tripper dress is the most boring looking item of clothing I have ever seen them put out -_-

    The bike short trend probably works on some people but those are not not ladies with high waist-to-hip ratio like me.

  2. LZ says:

    Nothing for me again either.

    Not that I love any of this stuff lately, but I’m tired of buying stuff for full price and then seeing it hit WMTM…like every time. I’ll just be patient and wait, and if it never hits, meh–oh well. I do like the new pink XL Pace Rival Skirt and might grab it to wear to work if it goes on sale.

  3. Andie says:

    At this point I’m really not expecting that there will be anything that I want to order on the Monday uploads. I have to really love it to pay full price and I haven’t been excited about their uploads for quite awhile.
    I do keep an eye on WMTM since there are some items I will purchase if they are being offered at a better price.

  4. Andie says:

    I meant Tuesday uploads.

  5. Kelly says:

    I need to just stop checking the uploads. There hasn’t been anything good in a VERY long time. Since last year.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like a lot of these colors!

  7. Kim says:

    Why do they make the models pose in the most awkward positions? The poses make the clothes so unappealing 👎🏻

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Gotta Hustle Jacket got me excited just because it had “Hustle” in the name and the Hustle Jacket is one of my all time favourite jackets from LLL. This jacket looks interesting but not in the colours offered. So nothing for me this week. Had Canada got the Swiftly s/s in Jubilee it would have been mine and first purchase of the year. I did try on a pair of Align Crop Joggers and really liked them but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. It might be because I don’t really need them, hmmmm. I am kind of liking not spending lots of moola at LLL, it’s rather liberating to not be so enamoured with the brand.

  9. Dayna says:

    Has anybody seen in person those tops with the open shoulders? I checked the material and it’s pima cotton, I’m just skeptical on whether to try or not…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cristina- do you have a pink bliss comparison? Bought the hooded define in pink bliss and on the fence about the color.

  11. Melanie Tran says:

    Hi Cristina – It’s the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. Are you doing a post?

    • Cristina says:

      Hi! Thanks for thinking of me. I’m going to try and have my favourites up tonight. I did scan the site yesterday for things I always look out for. The Anniversary Sale later in the summer is the big ‘event’ here on this blog.

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