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Cozy Oversized Knit Sweaters

Cozy Oversized Knit Sweaters

It has been so cold in Vancouver lately that I’ve been living in my Cozy Oversized Knit Sweaters. I’ve been spring shopping in anticipation of better weather (remember my Cami NYC purchases?). Today I found these amazing cozy oversized knits on markdown and clearance at Roots. I wanted to share because even though we are officially in Spring fashion season, the actual season is still winter. There are great winter markdowns to be found!

I always forget to shop at Roots even though I love a lot of their loungewear and casual wear. I never think of Roots for classic basics like knit sweaters but they are a definite go to for lounge.

I was in heaven today when I walked in to their stand-alone store and found all of these merino wool, wool/alpaca and cashmere blend sweaters on markdown. I used to hate wool and find it itchy but lately I really gravitate to wool, as long as it’s in oversized form. It’s also just better ecologically to invest in good quality natural materials. That way if they eventually end up in a landfill after years of wear, they will actually decompose.

I’m sad to report only a few of these sweaters are still available online. But there are several other styles online that I didn’t see in store and I am tempted to order. My #1 favorite sweater which is the first one I’m showing you is still online.

Retro Luxury Sport

My favorite find today is this retro sport striped sweater. It actually caught my attention a few weeks ago from a local blogger who was wearing it. I had no idea it was Roots . I assumed she was wearing some high end hard to find sweater and I didn’t even bother trying to find out price. I wasn’t about to spend a fortune on a sweater knit at the end of winter even if I loved it. I really admired the sporty blue and red stripe motif which reminds me of French racquetball in the ’70s for some reason. My dad played racquetball when I was a kid and I’m sure he had tube socks with this stripe, and matching short shorts.

As soon as I spotted it in store today I knew I was buying it. It’s 45% wool, 35% nylon and 20% alpaca. Those of you sensitive to wool will find this one mildly itchy but also very soft. I’ve been wearing it all day without a tank or shirt underneath and so far I don’t want to take it off. the care tag says it’s dry clean only but I plan to wash it on delicate with a lingerie detergent and no spin, and then I’ll lay it flat to dry. Should be fine, I’ve washed alpaca knits before.

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Graphic Logo Knits

If you’ve been admiring the oh so pricey Instagram favorite Bella Freud 1970 Jumper, look no further. Roots has this 1973 sweater which I hear was also a very good year. The Bella Freud version is made of wool, so those of you sensitive to wool will be happy to know this Roots sweater is 100% cotton. I grabbed this one too. I think it will look great with jeans. It’s a pretty great dupe and has the exact same high contrast graphic impact. It was a great price too at $34.

Bella Freud 1970 Sweater Dupe
Roots 1973 Skeena Sweater

Ski Lodge

I really loved the look of this dark navy sweater. The rustic knit embroidery detail at the neckline is so perfect. I wanted to purchase this one but there was definitely more itch than the first one I showed you and I know I won’t reach for it. It also wasn’t enough of an oversized slouchy fit in my TTS. I may still consider it at a later date in a bigger size if the bigger size makes it less itchy.

Cozy Basic Cashmere

These two sweaters where a cashmere/alpaca blend and OMG where they ever soft. These where the softest sweaters of the day and I was so tempted to get them. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking not getting one of these other than I was probably trying to show a little bit of restraint.

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  • What you call “rustic knit embroidery detail” on the ski lodge sweater is actually the floats from knitted colorwork. Usually this is considered the back side of colorwork. Look on the inside of the sweater and I bet the top part of the yoke looks a lot like the bottom does on the outside. And the floats are visible on the inside of the bottom part of the yoke. In other words, the effect is reversed on the inside of the sweater.

    I think this trend is cute when used sparingly as it is here. Looks nice on you!

    (Just wanted you to know it has nothing to do with embroidery.)

    • Interesting! I was thinking the same thing when I was looking at it– that it looks like they flipped it inside out midway through the manufacturing. It’s really cute and fun! I love the way it looks!!

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