Fall 2018’s Biggest Fashion Trend Animal Print! I’ve started a fun new feature called Trend Spotting and in my first installment, I’m covering the biggest trend for fall, animal print! I’m going to cover each trend for Fall/Winter 2018/19 and show you how to wear these trends in your activewear and your day to day style.

On the runways, we’ve seen all sorts of animal print from snakeskin to zebra, and in all sorts of wild neon colors as well. The biggest expression of this trend though (and the one I like the most) is the classic leopard print which has translated so seamlessly to luxury activewear. Leopard print is considered a neutral by a lot of stylists because the camel and black within the print play so well with so many other colors. It absolutely is a bold print, but as far as prints are concerned, this is a versatile neutral print and one worth investing in. I just love the attitude of a good cheetah print in the gym.

Back in the spring, I fell in love with these amazing leopard print sneakers, which I planned on getting on a trip to the US. By the time I got to try a pair on, they were completely sold out across all retailers. Today I saw the great news that because this trend was so huge on the runway, they fully restocked these beauties. I’m adding them to my wishlist right now because this is the top way I want to wear this trend. I have a pair of espadrilles in leopard print that I got over the summer and they’ve been so versatile, and so fun to wear. Here is a tamer version of leopard print sneakers if you wanted something a little more subtle. 

Do you like leopard print or other animal prints? how do you plan on wearing this trend this season? 

Fall 2018’s Biggest Fashion Trend Animal Print

Fall 2018's Biggest Fashion Trend Animal Print
Check out these APL Sneakers, and K-Deer Leggings!

Shop The Trend! Animal Print Activewear

Pssst! Check out Rachel Parcell Wearing The Sneakers Here!

  1. Ugh again I don’t follow “trends”. A little animal print goes alooong ways. I like this print as accent to my outfits. The shoes are not my thing…. make the feet look big and long.

  2. Leopard print has been around for so long that I’m pretty sure it’s not a trend. It is just a standard part of fall fashion and as you point out, considered a neutral. I have a few different styles of leopard shoes, a coat, scarf, cardigan…that’s off the top of my head and if I were to go look in my closet, I’d probably find more leopard stuff. Just thought of a Coach tote bag too.

    And as C above, I don’t follow trends. I’m pretty confident about what works for me and what doesn’t and I’ll keep that in mind when I choose to buy new things.

  3. I think trend spotting features will be a great addition to your blog. I am not a person who follows trends and has to have what’s hot at the moment unless of course, I like the trend. I can go a year without buying much if the current trend is something I just don’t like. For example, the cropped look trend is not my thing and it really curtailed my spending at LLL and other retailers. In regard to leopard print, it’s just not my cup of tea but I think those sneakers add a great pop of interest to Rachel Parcell’s black outfit. I think people who are bold enough to wear footwear that is a little more out there in terms of style or colour and print have bold and fun personalities and I love that.

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