Laser Speed Jacket, Citra Lime

Laser Speed Jacket
Laser Speed Jacket, Citra Lime
Laser Speed Jacket, Citra Lime
Laser Speed Jacket
Laser Speed Jacket

Laser Speed Jacket

I popped into a Lululemon today on my way to an appointment and they happened to have the Laser Speed Jacket in, but only in this color and a very limited size run. I was only able to try on my TTS which I knew would be too small based on Ms. K’s try-ons last week where she recommended sizing up. She had told me that she needed a size up in it and that it ran really tight around the hips/waist area. This surprised me since Ms. K is not pear-shaped or hourglassed like me. I often have sizing issues in the hip area with narrower fitting jackets like these. 

I’m probably closer to a size 12 these days in jackets (this is a 10) so I think this is fitting me tighter than what Ms. K’s TTS fit like. 

I otherwise liked the style of this jacket a lot, and really liked the color. I’m torn on whether I prefer this color over the purple. The swift material has a very subtle pretty crepe look to it, and it’s got some pretty ribbon detailing at the hem and at the cuffs with the repeating Lululemon logo on it. This is a thin, lightweight run jacket so don’t expect it to provide warmth or protection from the elements. Consider this a light windbreaker style jacket. Considering this jacket for purchase at a later date, possibly on markdown.

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Laser Speed JacketLaser Speed Jacket

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    1. It’s definitely non-essential unless you specifically need a very light run jacket. Even so, you get the same function from wearing a swiftly tech LS and I prefer the breathability of that.

  1. Nice outfit on you Cristina; The jacket lines are very flattering and the jeans are killer Rad!

    Here waiting, patiently, lulu Tuck and Flow LS and Camo Scuba…

    I wonder how the long winter jacket will look this year…

    1. Thanks! I’m absolutely loving the jeans. Glad I held out for the correct size to pop back.

      I’m with you. Camo scuba and tuck & flow LS is on my list for Lululemon purchases.

  2. I saw this jacket in store and although I am a purple fanatic I have to say I like the green better than the purple. The green looks really good on you. Something about this shade of purple in the swift fabric doesn’t resonate with me. It seems to have a similar cut and style to the define jacket. I also think it’s too expensive.

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