Who wants to keep talking about the NSALE? ?? Just joking (sort of). I know I posted a ton of content this past week almost exclusively NSALE. In my defense, nobody got mad and I had a lot of emails really happy to see the coverage – If you want to go back and check it out, here are the Nordstrom posts in order. The sale is now open to the public and runs through to August 5th. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed posting about it and shopping it. Now let’s talk about the new Carbon 38 La Plage Crochet Collection!

Carbon 38 is just hitting it out of the park lately! The Sayang Collection was hugely popular in The Sweat Edit community and Carbon 38 La Plage Crochet Collection is probably going to be even more popular, but I’m a little biased with the crochet contrast detailing. I really love crochet details like this and was actually a little obsessed with this bathing suit line I saw a few months ago called Kiini which has a very similar look to it. The problem with this bathing suit brand is that it’s made for the very tiny, and very young and it’s also super pricey.  The full piece bathing suit would be perfect if only it had a full bottom and less of a scooped out back. I found myself the perfect alternative to the Kiini in this La Blanca bathing suit from last season, and I’ve been loving it this summer. Another very popular on Instagram bathing suite (and much more wearable than the Kiini)  is this one that looks amazing on the petite and the full sized woman and it has a different version of crochet detailing. Anyways, moving on from my crochet tangent. I love that the Plage Collection is something that translates the look for more day to day wear, and into activewear. This is a much more wearable version of the trend for me.

Carbon 38 La Plage Crochet Collection

I’m loving the sweat pant, the sweatshirt and the twist back tank. I’m also loving the tights and the bra in the nude color (they won’t work for my skin tone though).

Carbon 38 La Plage Crochet Collection

Carbon 38 La Plage Crochet Collection

Carbon 38 La Plage Crochet Collection





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  1. Gosh this stuff is great but WHY the cold shoulder on the sweatshirt. It’s over, c38. Move on.

    I love that twist back tank…

    1. hmmm… i see that the cold sweatshirt is sold out at $165. i guess i stand corrected. i will continue waiting for that trend to go away :-/

  2. This collection leaves Lululemon in the dust. Really fabulous. Hate cold shoulders though, even when it was really popular.

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