The Perfect Vacation Sandal! Ugg Kamile

Ugg Kamile Sandal

I wanted to share my latest find with you guys! I found what I think may be the perfect vacation sandal. Flat, stylish, cushioned sole, nice leather! tick, tick, tick. I’ll do a fit review when they arrive. I’m going to New York for a week this summer and last time I was there I learned that sneakers were essential. All of the cute shoes I took with me were completely useless and I ended up having to buy a pair of sneakers. When I vacation, I pretty much spend the entire day walking and exploring, so good shoes are a must. I realized this week that we are going in the summer and it’s going to be super hot so I actually need a sandal that is sneaker like in comfort (with a cushioned sole), but also really stylish. I’m really over my Birkenstocks because 1. my husband loathes and despises them. I also think they don’t look that stylish on me. 2. the soles wear down on one side at my heel right to the cork so fast so they really aren’t a good investment. I have a few pairs of Ugg sandals I purchased at least 3 years ago, and actually, they are stylish and comfortable and have worn incredibly well. Too bad they are wedges.

I have a few other sandal reviews for you – Tory Burch Miller Sandals (currently on sale here!), Salvatore Ferragamo Wedge Sandals (from eBay) Sorel and Ugg Sandal Try-Ons, 

By the way, I should mention that the Nordstrom Summer Clearance sale is on now through June 3. Shop it here!

These Ugg Kamile sandals are the hot sellers this summer.

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Ugg Kamile Sandal
Ugg Kamile SandalThey also come in a backless slider version in tons of colors. I was really torn on wether or not to go with the backless slide, or the traditional looking sandal. I went with the traditional, in the almond color. What do you guys think?

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  • The sandals you chose are cute but definitely take your sneakers too. I went to New York last summer for several days and walked around all day. I could not imagine doing all we did (like walking across the Brooklyn bridge) in anything but sneakers.

    • good advice. Thanks! I’m going to take my ultraboosts because they have the cushiest soles. I didn’t do the Brooklyn Bridge last time and definitely want to this time.

  • Also, parts of New York (or any big city really including the one I live in) can be kind of gross and gunky. I would not want my bare feet exposed to that.

    • I second this! I’ve walked up and down Manhattan several times over the years (have some family living there) and every time I wear sandals, I regret it because my feet get filthy!

      Make sure to check out the High Line in Chelsea and Chelsea Market!

  • i have to agree with the others…. those are darling (and you should keep them!) but please bring sneakers for all day adventures. in addition to the reasons listed above, almost any leather rubbing against bare skin all day long will be sweaty and blister causing and uncomfy (except maybe broken-in, suede birkenstocks… lol). you have so many cute sneaks – so you will still be stylin! bring your golden goose – the city walking will add to their “distressed” look. ha!

    btw – i have recently acquired 2 pairs of golden goose during bandier sales (both were about 1/3 of full price, which made the purchases possible). i love them! i also tried some p448s from neiman marcus (during a sale AND 15% ebates) and i have to say, i like them even better… they are a bit more wild and fun, which i like 🙂

    • Good idea about the golden goose. I actually didn’t even think of those. Maybe I need to bring my ultraboosts and GG, and the new sandals.

      Amazing score on the GG and the p448s! I’m so glad you got them for a great deal. Now I have to check out these p448s. This teal pair on shopbop is adorable. The price is way better than GG.

      • yes those are sooooo cute! I’m sure somebody will have p448s on sale this weekend. neimans always seems to have great sales for being so high end… it’s like macy’s for rich people (and since the price point of these shoes is so “cheap” compared to most stuff there, they won’t be one of the excluded brands. LOL.)

    • I’ve got to keep an eye out on sales for Golden Goose. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check out the p448s too! Is the sizing the same as Golden Goose?

      • hey! I’m a 39 in both (8.5 in most shoes including adidas boosts, 9 in brooks running shoes). the p448s are a tad wider, but i find them both comfy and TTS. another note about the p448s… when they are not tied (which is how they are supposed to be worn), the heels slip a little bit for me. it’s not super bothersome, but for $250 it was concerning to me. but then i actually just tied the laces and it solved the problem (imagine that LOL!)… it didn’t occur to me to tie them at first since they come with the laces loose and set up as a slip on design if that makes sense. i work at home, so i leave them as slip on most of the time since I’m not walking very far, but when i go out and about i tie the laces to prevent the slippage.
        i imagine with the high tops this would be a non-issue, although i haven’t tried them on.

        • Buggie, thanks for getting back to me. Do you generally stay TTS or size up in athletic shoes? I suppose if I stick with my GGDB size (40 or 41), I should be fine. I like more wiggle room in my athletic shoes (TTS 10) but a solid 9 in dress shoes.

          • I’m generally a 8.5 in everything but size up to 9.5 in my running shoes (but not other workout shoes). i always run in brooks purecadence though, so it might be a shoe-specific thing? it’s totally stressful to buy expensive shoes with not-great return policies when you’re not sure on size! the first GG i bought were returnable with the normal bandier policy. second pair were final sale, but i was confident because i had the first pair. p448s are maybe slightly bigger than GG i would say, but more in width (like same length, but wider).

  • Those are very cute and they look comfy. Have you ever tried Naot sandals (or shoes or boots)? They are my favorite – you truly can walk around in them all day. Worth every penny.

    • i don’t think so (at least not announced yet??)… they had a friends and family sale about a month ago and then also a flash sale a couple weeks ago. i bought one pair of GG during each (both for under $200)…. keep an eye out, they have sales more often than c38 and some of the other sites.

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