1. I got a Radiant Jacket (first generation) a couple years ago and it’s still one of my favourite Lulu items. So glad they brought it back and I got the new version in Heather White and Core Dark Grey. It fits snug and is a tad long on my 5’3” tiny frame, but it’s so flattering and comfy. Would’ve got the Black Cherry one as well if it had rose gold or mat gold zipper. Somehow it doesn’t go well with silver zipper.

    1. Hey there! Just wondering if you would size up in the radiant jacket? I am a 4/6 and my defines are all size 6… I’m honking of getting a 6 in he Radiant…

  2. FYI, they started Boxing Day already. I don’t think it’s very nice to do that on Christmas day. At least not early, when most people are focused on family. (I’m killing time waiting for everyone to be up and opening presents.)

    Someone else noticed it before me, though, because the only thing on my Boxing Day list is already sold out in my size. Eh. It wasn’t meant to be.

    BTW, anyone else had problems with shipping lately? I know all bets are off at this time of year, but I had a message that the shipping label was created Thursday, but nothing delivered to FedEx. GEC not helpful.

    1. I agree with you. By the time I checked several items were sold out in my size or the color/print were no longer available. I went in store day after Christmas and there were a few markdowns that were not online. I should have gone to another store because I learned from an Ed that the other store is considered a markdown store in my area.

      I only ended up getting a few things. I was able to snag the train times crop in black and city lights. I’m considering getting the front & centre jacket which I really liked when I tried on a few weeks ago.

      In store, I ended up purchasing the radiant jacket (not on markdown) and the forever warm pullover.

      This is a “light” boxing sale year for me.

      1. I didn’t wind up buying anything on Boxing Day, a first for me in the 7 or so years I’ve been wearing Lulu. It seemed like a fairly normal WMTM day, with a sprinkling of “extras” thrown in.

        The designs are improving, but the quality is just not keeping pace with prices. I think they’re taking the right approach by not having a lot of markdowns, but they need to get the quality back up to where it was, and add in the functionality and details they used to be known for. Overall, I’m optimistic, but my buying is still way down from what it was pre-Holman.

        1. Same here. Did not buy anything on boxing day and today when I stopped by the store! There is always the first time I suppose. Everything is just worse than what I have in my closet. I don’t really need anything lol. I did pick up a black-white striped Swiftly LS and black Sculpt Tank recently and a F&F 7/8 pant in vivid vision (?) on mark down post Thanksgiving. I am actually happy with the steady state that I am in right now since I really do not like selling old Lulu on eBay.

          My obsession has shifted to skincare and makeup products. Sephora is my new wonderland. People work there are so nice and their return policy is very generous. A refreshing change!

    2. Update: while the chat version of GEC wasn’t helpful, the next day, the package still wasn’t delivered to FedEx, so I called. This GEC was awesome. She gave me a full refund and said that if the package did show up, I could just keep the pants because they hadn’t delivered them by Christmas. This morning, I see that the package has been delivered to FedEx, which I think was the result of the GEC prodding someone. I was pretty disappointed not to get the package by Christmas, but getting free leggings more than made up for it.

      1. That’s awesome! I had something similar happen with Bath and Body Works (with a package I ordered the night before Thanksgiving!) It was just delivered yesterday. They gave me a palms up on it with some excuse about shipping being beyond their control. I’m glad to hear Lulu made the effort with you!

  3. I can see why they put up the Boxing Day sale now so the person doing it gets today off! I bet we see more on Boxing Day and some items that have been there awhile will maybe get marked down more. A lot of fairly new product is showing up on WMTM in other countries so I wouldn’t be surprised to that happen here.

    They also posted a few new items that look nice. I like the Wool Swiftly 1/2 zip in here blue but I am still going to wait for the colour I saw that was part of another outfit a while back. It looks like a purple/pink shade which looked a bit like ultra violet, which by the way, is the new pantone colour for 2018.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. I happened to be looking at the site last night and noticed the Boxing Day items posted around 10 pm pacific time on Christmas Eve. There was quite a bit more and in more colors and sizes than what I saw this morning. Kind of strange that it posted so early. Since I only had a few items I was going to purchase (a second color radiant jacket and other items that did not go on sale ) I can’t recall what is sold out already. I’m pretty sure there were more colors of the light scuba and inspire tights available. I ended up getting a second pair black pair of inspires as a spare since they have been discontinued.

  5. Super disappointed with boxing day haul. I got some rulu pants but the fit is off! Do not size down! Wish they had a better return policy!

    Also got the warm on the way jacket! Looking forward to it!

  6. I thought it was odd the Boxing Day sale started early as well. I was up late Christmas Eve (technically Christmas morning) talking to my neighbor who had to put her cat down. I checked the site after crawling into bed and ended up buying the Rush Hour Tights (arrived today and I wore them today-love), Lead the Pack Tights and gloves. I didn’t check again until after family time. There were quite a few markdowns today which was a pleasant surprise.

    TBH, I’m feeling a little smug that so many of the items I did not like are already on markdown even though they’re relatively new. (But that doesn’t help me purchase the items I like any cheaper ??‍♀️)

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