Guys! I did not anticipate taking since Tuesday off from blogging. I’m so sorry! This is a fun distraction during the holidays, isn’t it? The week totally got away from me. Are you guys feeling overwhelmed with the holidays this year? I think it’s a combo of school for the kids being let out late this year (22nd for us!), my husband being extremely busy with work (having to do his Christmas shopping for him mostly), still sort of unpacking and settling into our new house, silly drama stuff,  and having  13 kids, and 10 adults/couples to shop for. A woman at my gym told me on Tuesday that she has this vague feeling of being perturbed over the holidays and that is exactly how I’m feeling. Like a nervous dog pacing around in circles ready to snap at anybody taking my parking spot, or being excessively demanding, or being unkind and inconsiderate. I get Lululemon’s #breathitallin campaign this year. I fully intend to one day take up meditation. For now, I’m getting through the chaos by rewarding myself for getting tasks done.  shop + wrap + tidy + etc = an eggnog latte.

Anyhoo!! I’m back! I have my desk set up and ready for a week of blogging now that the shopping is done.
Look at this new print on the Australian upload! A friend sent me a screenshot of the print and I didn’t like it, but now that I see it online I actually do really like the color combo. I just wish this came in a nulux or luxtreme long sleeve. I’d love this print in a sleek running long sleeve.

I forgot to mention that I was able to quickly stop in at the Robson St. Lululemon yesterday between shopping and dinner, and they had these ombre wunder under tights in. I want the vintage pink version but I was sorely tempted by these ones. I was surprised and pleased to see that the material is actually a knit at the bottom, so the speckles of blue are woven in, not printed on. I’ve read early reports that the material shows a bit of color through which you can vaguely see on this web photo on the upper thighs. I read that the pink version has worse show through since the weft knit color is lighter. I was in a huge rush so wasn’t able to try them on, and I didn’t purchase them to try on at home so I couldn’t get photos. I also promised a review of City Trek Trousers which I wore all day today, so that will hopefully go up tomorrow.

Questions to you guys:

1. What do you think of this print

2. Are you feeling perturbed over the holidays?

3. Those of you that don’t celebrate this holiday, do you still get caught up in the frenetic anxiety going on around you and feel general anxiousness?

4. Do you meditate?

5. Are you done shopping?


Translucence Alpine White Multi Fast And Free Tight II
Translucence Alpine White Multi Fast And Free Tight II Translucence Alpine White Multi Fast And Free Tight II Translucence Alpine White Multi Fast And Free Tight II

  1. I bought the ombré speckle print leggings in vintage pink in store in singapore and love them! They are so pretty in person. Yes the downside is that the backing colour is pink so that the pink shows through a bit when you wear them. But they were too pretty and special to resist! At least the show through is consistent so it doesn’t look like your underwear is showing through

  2. 1. What do you think of this print
    That print is a big NO for me (I’m not much of a print fan).

    2. Are you feeling perturbed over the holidays?
    Yes, only because I find it really busy this time of year. I LOVE the Christmas season, but it’s hectic (and I don’t like back to back busyness – i need my downtime to recharge). Plus one of my kids has birthday on the 22nd, so it makes it extra!

    3. Do you meditate?
    No, I kind of find mediating boring but I should probably try again.

    4. Are you done shopping?
    Almost. Just stockings left.

  3. 1. The print is intriguing. I’ll have to see it in store.

    2. I kind of like the holiday craziness. Then when I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself that Christmas is about Christ and not the commercial holiday it has become. That puts me back into the spirit of things and helps me recenter and go with the flow and deal with the rudeness, crowds, etc. I figure everyone is feeling the pressure so people get a pass.

    3. Yes, I do meditate. I need to meditate more often and consistently. I really enjoy the practice. It’s my 10 minutes of me time. Doesn’t have to be long.

    4. I think I am but inevitably I forget someone so then it’s back to shopping.

  4. i’m so annoyed that the ombre speckle print has a colored backing–that means that the curvies parts of my body (the parts taht i want to camoflage the most) will be the most highlighted and prominent. IK love the speckles but it’s not worth it to me. And this pinky orange color just looks too much like skin color poking through. 🙁

  5. I don’t care about the print since it’s Luon

    I like this time of the year and craziness doesn’t bother me. I’m not religious, but I think of this time as family time, good food , nice conversations and Christmas movies

    I don’t meditate

    I’m done with shopping, still need to wrap everything and get couple of stocking staffers

  6. 1. This is a cute print, I liked the ombre tights last year but the fabric wasn’t great, I’m going to try these since they’re luon (I love luon in winter!)
    2. To be honest, I hate being in public this time of year. I think people are so focused on shopping/holiday craziness it’s like all polite-ness goes by the wayside and everyone just ends up really agitated and rude.
    3. I do meditate, and during stressful times like this it REALLY helps me. I have an app that has quick 5 minute meditations- that was a game changer for me. When I realized I could just take 5 minutes in between meetings or after I eat my lunch and quickly ‘check in’ with myself it became a daily habit.
    4. I bought about half my gifts online on cyber monday but I need to get the other half this weekend. This month has been hellish at work and I’m single so I don’t have anyone to pick up the slack. I’m basically planning to go to the mall *shudder* have 2 glasses of wine, and try to get out of there without losing any limbs.

    1. Would you mind sharing the name of the app? I’ve tried a few videos on youtube, but they didn’t work for me. There must be 80 million meditation videos on there, so randomly trying a few is not a great strategy.

      Shopping went extremely well for me this year. Our town had a holiday themed shopping day, with Santa, carolers, etc., and many stores had sales. I was able to pick up about 90% of my gifts locally, which is a great feeling.

      Cards are a different matter. Most of them will arrive after both Hanukah and Christmas, but that’s just going to have to be good enough. I tried.

  7. The pink speckles look nice on the photo, but I’d really like to see these pants in a store. I probably won’t buy them though, because I’m done buying luon bottoms. I only buy luxtreme nowadays.
    Yes, Christmas is stressful for me, I’m always afraid that I will run out of time and go out of my mind. At the end, though, it’s always worth my time and efforts.
    I was done shopping in November! (Don’t hate me now…). All my shopping was done online, with free shipping. And I have a very small family.
    I do not meditate. I like to live in my head, and relax whenever I can.

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