An early pre Christmas Lululemon Upload! I’m so glad they did this one early since this week is going to be super hectic. Did you read my post from earlier this evening? Perturbed!!! I ordered the Ombre Speckle pink wunder unders but I’m disappointed in the  North American version. The Australian one is Vintage Pink which is a super pretty light pink, and the one that uploaded for us is Yum Yum pink which is a peachier orangy pink. Boo! Why would they do that?

Anyone notice how derivative Lululemon is getting with some of their designs? the Expression Wunder Unders scream Nike and Adidas to me, while the colorblock items remind me of P.E Nation, and the foil reminds me of 3 other brands that released similar styles including Nike.

Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight

Wunder Under Hi Rise Wunder Under Hi Rise Nile Blue

Blush Blossom Alpine White Candy Pink Wunder Under Hi Rise
Blush Blossom Alpine White Candy Pink Wunder Under Hi Rise

Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Ombre Speckle

Is this the right pink? It looks different here. On the Australia upload I’m pretty sure this was vintage pink, and here it’s Yum Yum Pink. Disappointing.

Ombre Speckle Stop Jacquard Luon Black Yum Yum Pink

 Speed Up Tight

Speed Up Tight Crystalline

Inspire Crop II

Train Times 7/8 Pant

Speed Up Short

Healthy Heart Pullover

Healthy Heart Pullover II

Cabin Yogi Long Sleeve

Simply Wool Sweater

Simply Wool Sweater

Wunder Under Hi Rise Expression

Ombre Wunder Under 

Scuba Hoodie Light

Swiftly Tech LS 

Flash Light Swiftly Tech LS Crew

  1. I’m experiencing the same thing. Perturbed is a great way to describe it. I’m easily annoyed by everything as well. Someone texts me and I’m like…”What now?????” *eyeroll* And that’s before I even read it or look to see who texted! I think nearly every woman I know is high anxiety right now. The moms in the preschool class I teach seem needier than usual. The good news is that I’m almost done with my shopping. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

    I’m not happy about the pink change up in those ombre WU. I was looking forward to vintage pink! When I saw the yum yum pink version, I decided against them. I don’t like the color mix as much as the vintage pink ones. Instead, I clicked over to VS to check out their sale. They’ve had some fun stuff in their sport line lately and I’ve been noticing it while I’ve been out shopping. Sorry Lulu, I would have bought the vintage pink ombre, but instead I got some cute leggings with stars going down the sides (and the matching bra.)

  2. Boo! I thought it looked a little different but didn’t read the colour. I ordered them but if the colour doesn’t look nice in person then I’m sending them back.

  3. I may get the Healthy Heart pullover in white but not sure yet. I’m pulling the trigger on a pair of Stuart Weitzman otk boots (buying the 5050) finally so best not to get any new lulu stuff until Jan.

    1. OMG get those Stuart Weitzmans!YOu can get a HHPullover resale later if you still feel you want it. I would love the 5050’s but I’m not sure they work with my calves.

    2. Those are great boots. They’re 50% off on zappos! I too want to try the Healthy Heart pullover. I’m disappointed the WUs aren’t vintage pink. Now, I’m going to wait and see them in person. I guess I might have to get the speed up shorts instead.

  4. It is a shame we didn’t get the vintage pink, it is such a gorgeous true pink. I am not into coral pinks. I too am considering the Healthy Heart Pullover not for myself but for my daughter. I will have to see it in person to see if the length is decent. I am also waiting to receive the Going Places Jacket as a gift for my daughter and I had to order 2 sizes as I am not sure about the fit, reviews said to size down, so hopefully one of them is a good fit. This will be the end of my Christmas shopping.

    1. Going Places Jacket is definitely a size down item, especially if your daughter is in between sizes. The size down is still a relaxed fit and the spacer fabric does give and stretch.

  5. Nothing for me. OT, I was at the Post Office today (with half of the rest of the world), and the woman in line ahead of me was wearing Alo Moto Leggings. They looked amazing, and I remembered that you bought some last year, Cristina. Still enjoying them?

    I’m not sure I can pull them off, but I am seriously tempted. I finished my Xmas shopping, almost all the cooking and cards are done, and I am feeling like it’s time to treat myself. 🙂

  6. Hmmm the color block tights do not at all scream Nike to me. To be honest they scream
    Lululemon-2008 to me. I remember the SE WU with a dark pink and light pink lines running down one leg and yellow and blue Inspire tights.

  7. I actually prefer more of a coral pink tone. The color is less juvenile to me and also goes best with my skin tone. I ordered the ombre to try them out and see. I tried the simply wool sweater in store and it was quite itchy and scratchy. Not nearly as nice wool and the warm and restore sweater or the sit in lotus wrap. Going to get the cabin yogi long sleeve as it is a perfect length and the neckline is not too high or too low.

  8. I thought Vimmia when I saw the color block tights. I like the ombre speckle bu like the Beyond Yoga version better. The Rose Gold Foil is super cute, but I like the Black Foil even more. Definitely might try those if they don’t sell out before I can decided. Lulus are cute, so are the leggings with the name down the leg (just like every other brand), my problem is that I have very short legs. How much am I going to lose if I hem them, most the detail?

    I’m not terribly judgmental about Lulu “borrowing” ideas as long as they don’t cost more than the brand they “borrowed” from. I continually shop at Lulu because 8 times out of 10, I prefer their fabrics and fit. I also enjoy the staff at my local store.

    That being said, I spent this evening frantically tracking down my favorite crops (Final Lap) that are being discontinued in favor of the Speed Ups. I tried the Speed Ups, did NOT like the version of Luxtreme they are using for this line. They feel like a Loon-Luxtreme blend IMO. And I’m still on the quest to buy the Fast & Free Tights in a sold out color, (I’m loving Nulux), and should be successful tomorrow morning. Also contemplating the Radiant Jacket in a second color, that was a total win. I wish the Black Cherry version had a gold tone zipper. I reluctantly returned the Athleta Cozy Karma Jacket in Cassis because of the horrible fit. It was so soft and such a pretty color, with gold zippers, so I would have already purchased another Radiant in Dark Cherry but the silver zipper seems off. The first version had gold zippers and looked great. (I’m done rambling now).

  9. I saw the ombré tights in vintage pink in the Singapore store and fell for them instantly! I bought the matching energy bra as well. It is slightly sheer when you wear them as the backing fabric is pink in colour. However as it’s consistent throughout the tights it doesn’t look like your underwear is showing through but it is as though the pink sheen is deliberate in a way? They were too pretty for me not to get!

    Would love to know what you think of them when you receive them!

  10. The back of the simply wool sweater is so ugly 🙁 I was looking forward to it but that bizarre racer back stripe that runs down the length of it isn’t doing it for me.

  11. They did the same thing with the blue Ombre Speckle – Sapphire Blue there (which I much prefer) vs. Blazer blue here. Such a weird thing to do in my opinion – what is the logic there. I would have bought them if they were sapphire bc I have a lot of that in my closet…I own nothing in blazer. Yet again, they’re almost there but not quite…..

  12. So no. I dont like the “LULULEMON” logo placed on any clothing items. It looks cheap and Nike-looking. I also think this typ of branding on clothing destroys lululemons exclusivity. Lululemon items should be spotted on great fabric quality and design.

    Im not much of a fan of splatter, but I can understand that other people like them.

    I dont understand the hype about metallics. I would look like A Nicki Minaj knock-off wearing those.

    On a more postive note I do like that some older colorways have been reintroduced like nocturnal teal, black cherry, and I actually think that there is a greater variety when it comes to solid colorways in tights….just compared to a couple of months ago. I also really dont understand people that says that lululemon doesnt have anything to offer anymore. There is such a great variety, that anyone really should be able to find something.

    1. agree – the logo down the leg is AWFUL.
      although, lululemon is already not exclusive. every high schooler and their mom has their leggings as of a couple years ago. nowadays whenever i notice someone NOT wearing lulu, i look more closely to see what super cool new brand they might know about that i don’t. LOL.
      that being said, i still think lulu is great and has cute designs and fits well – agree with you about the variety lately!
      I’m just confused why so many still seem to think this mainstream mall brand is exclusive anymore?? (this is an honest question – not at all trying to be snarky!)

    2. I agree. It’s tacky and frankly, with this brand’s history, I’d be embarrassed to have LULULEMON splashed anywhere on my body. It’s not like they’re even known for having a text-based logo like other brands, so this stuff is just weird.

  13. I bought the color block tights (in black/white). I don’t care if they’re borrowed from somewhere, I love good color-blocking. And I like that they’re luxtreme so I can wear them to run. I almost bought the ombre splatter, but they’re luon. I like luon for casual wear but don’t wear my leggings casually enough to warrant another pair (at this time of year). Funny enough, my order shipped EXCEPT for the color-block WUs. They’re still showing in stock online, so…

    I bought the metallic Train Times, but I’m not sure if I’m keeping them. They seem heavy and thick, which is good for opacity, but not necessarily for running. The Educator told me just to get them since they only had one pair in my size (and return them if I change my mind). I thought about getting the Wunder Unders online (store didn’t have them), but just couldn’t push the button to order them. I love them but don’t know that I’d wear them enough.

    1. I plan to return my LF train times and energy bra. I like the subtle metallic color but I can “feel” them. I am going to try the invigorate bra in LF because I want to get something in LF. I don’t think they are online or in store (US northeast) yet.

    2. The ombré speckled 7/8 ( not the 28” length in the US and Canada) turns out to be luxtreme, despite the website saying it is Luon. So perhaps the US and Canada version is also Luxtreme. They looked a little shiny, which isn’t the case usually for Luon.

      1. I have them and they are a jacquard full on luon. The fabric is very nice. I love them, I have the pink color which is more of a blush pink.

  14. I’m waiting for the down the line long sleeve – any thoughts on if it will make it to stores before christmas? How long does it take for stuff uploaded in HK and Australia to make it Canada?

  15. I really love that scuba, I’m not a big fan of scubas (I only have a few) but the color of this one has really caught my eye. I’ll be at my store picking up some gifts for my man friend this weekend, we’ll see if it comes home with me 🙂

  16. Bought the crystalline wuc in store and they are quite a bitmore intense than the speed short ..funny how the fabric can make a difference like that. Such pretty purples and violets in the galaxy print. I would have like speed tights but ontario stores dont have them yet.

  17. If anyone is looking for a soft tunic/longer, lighter top that is soft and washes up nicely, Roots has some versions of the Nanoose V Neck and Nanoose Top (crew neck) on sale for $29.99. They may be sold out online but you can call stores for other stock. I’m in Toronto and got a nice oatmeal V neck and heathered pink crew neck and they are classic, flattering and elegant for wearing with leggings. I’ve seen the V Neck in oatmeal, dark blue, and burgundy, the crew neck in the oatmeal, heathered pink, and forest green.

    Cheers and happy holidays to all

  18. Ugghhh my ed showed me that crystalline wuc are backed in white…so they wont be a sharp dark black background….so i bought speed tights instead…but havent tried those on yet either.

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