Guys! Did you know Friday is the early access Sephora VIB Rouge sale? I just tonight started looking at what I might get. If you are VIB Rouge Level you have access on Friday in-store and online, you just need the check out code along with your Rouge access (sign in to your account early, stock your shopping cart and get your samples and point perks all picked out and ready to go). If you are regular VIB I believe your access to the sale starts next week. If you don’t have a Sephora VIB card, you should get one immediately because the VIB level is free.

Sephora VIB Rouge Sale

Here is my current shopping list which I’ve been working on over the past hour. The only item I’m certain about is the Amika straightening brush. It looks like it comes in a really great set but the set is out of stock so I may have to get the individual brush. I hope the set gets restocked though. Do you have one of these brushes and have an opinion on it you could share? I’d love feedback. Basically, my hair has to be straightened or blown out to look nice and not frizzy and I am very lazy so would like something I can just brush through my hair. I’m so tired of constantly clipping my hair back so I don’t have to straighten it because straightening and blow drying takes way too long to do in the morning.

The other likely contender is the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. I have such dry lips and I got a little 100 point perk sample of this and really love it. I especially love the caramel.

I’d also really love to get the Nest Holiday Diffuser Set. I got one last year and we all really loved it. The diffuser lasted a good 6 months. I also got one for my mother in law and a few other relatives and they really really loved it.

What are you guys getting at the Sephora VIB Sale ??

  1. Polished Pefection Kit 2. Wood Sage & Seasalt Cologne 3. Living Proof 4.Nest Holiday Diffuser. 5.Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel , 6. Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick Fenty Beauty

  1. Hi! I have the Amika brush and love it. I have curly hair. I will say it’s not quite at easy as just brushing…I don’t think it works on wet hair. I’m not really one for blow drying so I usually use this on my air dried, curly hair and find it very effective. I do section my hair a bit for the best results but for me it’s still way faster and has better results than a traditional straightener.

    1. Aaaaannnnd now I’m totally lusting over the mini version! That was not available last year when I got mine! Can I justify having both?? Hmmmm

  2. The fresh lip stuff is on my list too, really love that stuff. I have passed up that Amika brush so many times. I’ve heard mixed reviews – not great for thick, wavy, frizzy hair but I’m curious what folks here have to say. I gave a chesper straightener brush and while it works pretty well it does leaves my hair too frizzy.

  3. I bought the Anika straightening brush last year and am super happy with it. I have long wavy hair, not thick but I got quite a lot of hair. And straightening my hair takes 5 mins with this brush. I cannot recommend it enough.

    My cart is ready to go too ? I’m getting Sunday Riley Luna, Serge Lutent’s Jeux de Peu perfume (love this gourmand scent) and a bottle of Fenty foundation.

  4. I bought the Sugar kit with the serum, polish and balm in it.

    And so much other stuff. I could open a Sephora pop up with what I bought

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