New At Lole – Esma Hoodie and More

October 2, 2017

I’ve been really missing my Lululemon Run Ambition Pullover from several years ago (stupidly sold it) and the Lole Esma Hoodie caught my eye as a very close alternative with pretty color and print options. I’m going to be ordering that very soon (once I’ve settled on a color –  leaning towards watermelon) and hopefully giving you a fit review soon. It’s such a shame that Lululemon’s fall/winter run gear continues to be so bland, despite the fact that they’ve sprinkled in some really gorgeous colors and prints randomly throughout the store.

I really love the look of the Lole logo on the hood of the Esma Hoodie, and how wide the band is at the bottom. Here are some other items from Lole that also caught my eye. I love the orange Essential Up Cardigan and I would order Talulah Tank in the floral print the except that it’s sold out in my size.

Fancy Tank
Lole Fancy Tank

Talulah Tank

Lole Talulah Tank


Performance Top

Performance TopPerformance Top

Essential Up Cardigan

Essential Up Cardigan

Lole Essential Up Cardigan

Essma Hoodie

Esma Hoodie

Esma Hoodie

Esma Hoodie

Lole Run Capris

Lole Run Capris

Kuma Top

Kuma Top

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4 responses to “New At Lole – Esma Hoodie and More”

  1. Runrunyogi says:

    Has anyone tried the Esma Hoodie? I’d love a review. And thank you Lulumum for featuring different brands!

  2. kiwi says:

    I have a lole dress from 2 years ago and the fabric is amazing – still looks like new…no pilling, so soft. I am thinking a hoody in same fabric would be amazing.

  3. Rise and Shine says:

    I picked up a sweatshirt from Lole on sale a few months ago, and it’s become my go-to casual top. Comfortable, flattering, and washes well.

  4. RMR says:

    Lole stuff looks great and I’m LOVING the colors shown here. I need more bright happy colors in my life.

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