I think this is a temporary location for my fit review mirror, but it’s possible this is its permanent location. I’m feeling very indecisive about where near our entryway this mirror should go. I’m just happy to have it out and up somewhere where I can start doing more fit reviews for you guys finally.

Extra Mile 1/2 Zip Ringspun DenimExtra Mile 1/2 Zip Ringspun Denim Extra Mile 1/2 Zip Ringspun Denim

Extra Mile 1/2 Zip Ringspun Denim

I was really intrigued by the Extra Mile LS and 1/2 Zip because of the pretty pleated sleeve detailing and the extra special feminine touches which we haven’t seen from Lululemon since ‘the change’ at head office. This is probably the only item that has been out in two years now that has those feminine design features that Lululemon was always known for. I passed on the LS because I wasn’t sure on the colors available but when I saw this Ringspun Denim print I really wanted to give it a try. It’s not soft rulu like the typical flanneled luon, but it is a nice soft knit. I’m told the solid black is very soft rulu so I’d like to try that on as well, but for now I’m really liking this colorway a lot. This is my TTS and it’s form fitting around the middle (which I don’t love) but It’s not tight like a Define Jacket, and the sleeve length is already long and bunchy so I don’t think I want to size up.

Align Pant II Align Pant II Luminesce Splatter Ice Grey Black Align Pant II Luminesce Splatter Ice Grey Black Align Pant II Luminesce Splatter Ice Grey Black Align Pant II Luminesce Splatter Ice Grey Black

Align Pant II Luminesce Splatter Ice Grey Black

These I really love! As I mentioned in the upload post, I’m partial to splatter prints so I had to order these. I really wish the print had more contrast (white and black splatters) and less uniform splatters. I think that would have made this print absolutely perfect and more splatter like and less static like. The printed aligns tend to be not as soft as regular solid nulu, but this one is very very soft. They feel a bit on the loose side but I wouldn’t size down in Aligns. If you were on the fence with these, I recommend them.

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  1. The 1/2 zip looks nice in you. Btw, i read that one of the readers mentioned that when using the 20% discount (from the survey) is considered a final sale. Do you know if that’s true? TIA 🙂

  2. I purchased those aligns as well and they r very nice! You definitely need to try the black extra mile longsleeve … the rulu is like the rulu “of old” ….

  3. Will you post your recent Aritzia finds? Interested in what your loving from there and what you think are great staples!

    1. It’s terrible. I didn’t realize I needed them too until I saw them on Cristina. But I purposely avoided trying them on so I wouldn’t get tempted. I just have to be patient and wait until December to make any new purchases.

  4. @lulumum did you get the survey? i talked to an educator and they said that friends can forward the survey. I would love to get it! I have been a very long time lulu loyalist and was very disappointed to find out i didn’t get this survey! Thank you

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