Thanks to Mrs. O for another wonderful fit review!

Sweat & Savasana Sweater Sweat & Savasana Sweater Sweat & Savasana Sweater Sweat & Savasana Sweater

Sweat & Savasana Sweater

I was hesitant to get a sweater that costs $150 with the other items that are coming out.  Last year, the sweaters went on markdown and I got them when they did.  I thought I’d do the same this year but when I tried on the sweater, I loved it so much I took home the inkwell one.  It is TTS (not snug) and a great length.  I think the sweater is slimming.  The back curved hem covered my bum.  The contrasting knit at the shoulders made the sweater look really feminine and caused an illusion that your shoulders are narrower.  The sleeves weren’t too long for me and didn’t bunch at all.  The kangaroo pocket laid flat and when I put my hands in the pockets it felt nice and didn’t stretch out.  When I removed my hands, it retained it’s shape.  But I also didn’t put anything inside it (I never usually do) and did not pull down with my hands (I don’t do that with knits).  I took a picture in inkwell and heathered medium gray.  You can see the detailing better in the gray.  I believe this year’s gray very closely matches last year’s gray.  I don’t know for sure because I can’t do a side by side comparison.  This year’s might be very, slightly lighter than last year’s.  The inkwell seemed like a brighter navy than the midnight navy that has been coming out.  You won’t be able to tell in the pictures but in person, it’s slightly different — a very subtle difference.  For those of you that have questions with washing, I have had no problems with shrinking or stretching with Lululemon’s merino wool sweaters.  Like Cristina, I machine wash in a lingerie bag on a short cycle and lay flat to dry.  I like the fact I can machine wash rather than take it to the dry cleaners because it’s wool.


  1. Mrs. O, you look great in everything! Did you get to try the Rulu Define? My store did not get it. I return most of my Lulus from online so I am hesitant to order these days. TIA!

    1. Thanks! You guys are so sweet. I did try on the Rulu Define. It is TTS. I did not have to size up like I normally do in Luon Defines. There’s a lot of give in the Rulu. I also noticed that the back was a little bit longer. I did a side by side comparison — it was at least a third of an inch longer. So, there was more coverage in the back.

      On another note, the New For Crop looked absolutely horrible on me. It hit my calves at the wrong point (if it was promising I would have gotten them hemmed). The spacer fabric was so stiff it just bellowed out and there were weird pulls and puckering along the side of the pants (I think from shipment) that it wouldn’t lay flat.

  2. Mrs. O, this looks so good on you! But then again, almost everything you post does 🙂

    I’m slim and very tall with pretty long arms, so I’m wondering if I should go TTS on this, I have a Think Fast pullover in a 6 which I absolutely love, but the thumb-holes do cut in a little bit. Would you suggest a 6 or an 8 in this?

  3. Thanks! Trust me I have tried on many fails. I just think you guys have kind eyes and good hearts! 🙂 I love how this community supports each other and doesn’t cut each other down. Even when there’s heated debate, it’s always discussed with respect and kindness.

    My TTS just fits my arm length perfectly. When I sized up, the sleeves bunched too much. So, if you have really lanky arms (lucky you!), I’d size up so the thumb holes don’t cut in. But a knit has more give than technical fabrics. I’m not sure how much your Think Fast Pullover cuts in. If it’s only a little, stick with your TTS.

    1. Only a bit, it’s not terribly uncomfortable, but I often end up pulling them thumbs out after a bit. If the fabric has more give than Rulu, I’ll definitely take your advice. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for your review Mrs. O. That sweater looks great on you. I am between a size 4 and 6 depending on cut and length. Did you happen to try and 6? If so, was it any longer in length. I am 5’6″ and prefer a bit longer length in my sweaters. I am leaning towards the inkwell. It looks like a nice saturated color. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, it was definitely longer in the size up. FYI, I’m 5’6″ as well. It’s hard to see the true length in my pictures because I had to raise my arm for the picture. If you like longer, size up. But my TTS covered a good portion in the back. Hope that helps.

      1. Do you recall if the Inkwell color is the same heathered version that was released last fall. I am leaning towards the inkwell as I have so much black and grey in my closet already. Did you find that it was more flattering in the darker colours vs the grey?

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