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I was happy to see the Miles Ahead Short Sleeve Camo and Miles Ahead Tank in Canada finally, along with the Shape Up Pullover. I ordered the Miles Ahead SS and am thinking about that Viola Scuba Hoodie. I’m mostly thinking about the hoodie because ALL of my clothes except for a couple of tee shirts and jeans are packed away in boxes now and I have a dire need for my warm hoodies with this cold fall weather. In retrospect, not the best idea to pack away everything but I thought I was being really efficient. I’m also wanting to try on the Define Jacket and Wunder Under Pleat It, and the Lacescape Aligns are threatening to fall into my shopping basket.

PS. This Is Us starts again tonight. I’m so excited for fall TV shows coming back!

Have you ordered anything or tried any of the new items in store today?

Define Jacket Pleat It

Define Jacket Pleat It

Define Jacket Irregular Denim


Wunder Under Hi Rise Pleat It


Energy Bra Pleat It

Align Pant II

Align Pant II

Shape Up Tank

Fast & Free Tight II

Twist & Reach Bra


Scuba Hoodie IV Violet

Scuba Hoodie IV Violet

Speed Up Short Scarlet

Speed Up Short Scarlet

Swiftly Tech LS Crew Garnet

Swiftly Tech LS Crew Garnet

Love Tee V

Love Tee V Scarlet

Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise Dark Olive

Dark Olive Wunder Under Crop Hi Rise

All Set Shopper Tote

Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight interlaced starlight black

Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight interlaced starlight black

Warm For Winter Hoodie

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  1. Technical difficulties is right! Part on the app and then none on desktop for awhile after some things showed up on the app. I defn. did not think that tank I have been wanting (the camo tie up) was going to be on there, and then all of a sudden it popped up on the computer. I’ve been wanting it over since it was uploaded in HK. There are a few other things I like, but nothing worth the splurge. I have a budget now, lol!

    1. Thank you for pointing out the camo tank, it is super cute! I would have totally missed it. Not sure if I want to commit to a tank that I probably won’t wear till spring but it is very tempting.

  2. FYI Cristina, I can only see this post if I go to the “Topics” tab, and then “The Upload,” I can’t see it when I go to your home page. This happened to me last week too. Just letting you know (maybe it’s just me)?

    1. I’m so sorry. Can you refresh your page from the browser under ‘view’, then under ‘reload this page’? I’m going to refresh the cache now. I’m not able to talk to my host this week to fix this but hopefully by mid next week I can take another crack at it.

    2. I have no problem viewing the posts from a computer (mac) or phone (android) from where they appear on the home page. Just can’t jump to the end of comments and stay there, they bounce around then back to the top.

  3. Can anybody comment on how often scubas appear on WMTM? Wondering if I should pull the trigger on Viola or wait for something cheaper 🙂

    1. Even if they do, the sizes are limited and as viola seems to be very popular on other items, I wouldn’t expect the Scuba viola ever appear on WMTM.

    2. The only time I get a Scuba or Define in a color I want in my size is if I happen to go to my store and it was marked down that day. Usually, by the time it gets marked down (assuming you see it right away), I have to hunt it down.

    3. Sometimes scubas hit markdown if they’re about to revamp the style. One year they all went on sale for $50.00. I bought three, I think. But the days of really good markdowns seem to be over. I’d say if you love the colour, then go for it. They certainly are expensive these days though.

    4. Now, rarely. When they were the original, great ones, occasionally the very few, last sizes (like sizes 2 and 4) would go to wmtm. We’re talking 5 years ago. (I got some great ones on wmtm, even Special Edition ones.) Then when they were revamping it and moving through several iterations (none of which were good, they were meager-not-worth-the-money scubas) they sent them to markdown or wmtm. I think the sweater is back to being fairly solid and good quality, so it’s not likely to end up in wmtm.

    1. I sized down to my CRB size (4) in the Extra Mile. I need it for running, and while the 4 was quite snug, my regular 6 fit nicely around the hips and stomach but was HUGE in the chest – I’m a 32B and with a compressive running bra on don’t need much space in the chest area, but that hasn’t really ever been an issue for me previously. I’ve actually gone back and forth on whether to exchange my 4 for a 6, but decided not to since I’m not planning to wear the vest casually.

    2. When I tried it on it was TTS. But I also don’t layer vests over bulky items. So, if you want a little room to layer, size up. I was able to wear my TTS with the Kitsilano LS under it comfortably (and with some room).

  4. Picked up some of the new colors for the Garnet and Psychic shades in the Love Crew III. I love fall jewel tones ❤️ (Now if only they would add a deep green…)

  5. I may exchange my camo SS for tank since I am not crazy about the SS neckline. The Define Pleat it looks gorgeous. I am seriously tempted.

  6. Nothing for me lately. I’d like new tights (but definitely don’t need any) but I’m still holding off for unique designs in the upcoming months.

  7. Disappointed that the beautiful print from the Australia drop wasn’t released for us. Also – what would it take for them to do some solid or print CRBs in these rich colors??? I’m a fan of the CRBII (maybe the only fan) but seriously. I’m too short and too busty to wear almost any of their other tanks comfortably. I guess I should be grateful my wallet is safe.

  8. Nothing for me this time though I was tempted by the Define Pleats, so gorgeous! Just not something I NEED! I like the colour Scarlet, but I don’t really wear shorts often and definitely don’t like Speed Up Shorts. I wish they made leggings in that colour.
    I have Down and Around jacket in colour Dark Cedar in my bag since last week. Loving the shape and colour just don’t know if I need another lulu puffy jacket. I have a dark green Fleecy Keen from a few years ago too but still tempted…someone plz tell me I don’t need the Down and Around lol

    1. Is that newer jacket or bomber from a couple of months ago that you contemplating about? Just FYI bombers went on md at some stores( mine included) at $119. So maybe call around before you pull the trigger 😉

      1. no it’s the new one unfortunately. I think it was released last week. and I only want it because of the colour Dark Cedar…I’m going to sleep on it for a week though

  9. I picked up the pleat it define in jaded today. It is a TTS define size. Couldn’t resist, it is beautiful on. Last week I picked up the Rulu define is heathered gator green ( to match my gator green DSP’s.) The week prior to that I was moaning about buying the Viola define. ( because I just needed another define! Yes, great sarcasm) What can I say, I am weak. I am officially cutting myself off of define jackets!!!!

    1. I don’t need any more Defines either; the Pleat It is very tempting. I’m going to have to think on it. I also love Jaded too. I lucked out and found the Viola Define on markdown at my store (one size up from my Define TTS) and bought it. Although it’s two sizes up from my TTS, it wasn’t so big that I couldn’t live with it. I wasn’t going to buy the viola one (trying to show some self-restraint) but who can pass up a markdown on an item you really want?

  10. I bought the Speed Up Tights in the variegated knit today at my local store. Very happy with my purchase. Fits tts. 9/10 opaque. Wondering why they’re still not on the website.

  11. Anyone else waiting for Moody Blues in the align crop style??! It’s been 2 weeks, I’m surprised it hasn’t released or will it?

  12. I’ve been noticing lately that some new items are in store only or online only — like the F&F 7/8 Dark Olive was in store only. If it wasn’t for this community, I wouldn’t have known to call around.

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