1. Ha! That was my first reaction, too!

      Looks like they’re going to be treated to the same cold, dark summer we had.

      I blame heavy drugs. I really do. And serious old boys’ club-itis for Holman still being employed. Either that or it’s a supply chain issue and Potdevin is letting people assume it’s the design team’s screw up. Potdevin took a lot of credit last year for fixing the product delay issues. I’m not so sure they’re fixed.

      That said, the Down For It Jacket looks pretty nice.

      1. I’m with you. Definitely a boys club happen, and post layoffs probably a lot of insecurity which leads to a lot of ‘yes’ and towing the company line.
        They are also catering a lot to the discount shopper which is exactly what they are going to be left with.

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