Since the current color selection and tone has been rather lackluster, a couple of items have really caught my eye elsewhere over the past few weeks and I’m about ready to pull the trigger. Outdoor voices is speaking my color language with these rose quartz and jade green colors, and PE nation has some awesome colorful striped pieces that I’ve been seeing on my instagram. I’ve also been drooling over many of the Athleta tights I’ve been seeing in the facebook groups but I’m having a little trouble ordering online from them so that’s going to be put on hold for now. Have any of you ordered directly from Outdoor voices before? Any Canadians? I’m thinking of ordering tonight and doing some reviews next week. IF I’m feeling spicey I may order the PE Nation leggings too.

Outdoor Voices OUtdoor Voices OUtdoor Voices
PE Nation

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  1. Outdoor Voices is fine for athleisure, but I wouldn’t buy anything for actual working out. The fabrics are heavy, and I don’t find the designs very functional. I also like the look of some of their pieces, and I have tried several things over the years hoping things would work. Nope. The fit just isn’t good, and I don’t think the product is meant for actual exercise. (Which is weird, but I guess they kind of say that when they say it’s for “recreation.”

  2. I’m loving Athleta so much right now. They really upped the game and the quality and sizing issues of the past seem to have been fixed. My last few orders have been from Athleta and i’m reaching for those more than some of my Lulu. They’ve quickly moved to the top of “wear all the time” list.

  3. I don’t have any experience with Outdoor Voices, but hoping someone could tell me what brand of shoe their model is wearing!

    1. As far as outdoor voices goes, you’re not missing much, but the shoes are great for running or just looking cute. 🙂 They’re from a Swedish brand called Spalwart.

  4. I really like the PE Nation crops you highlighted here. TBH I find most of their stuff to be too heavy on the branding + design elements, but these crops have just the right amount of punch.

    1. I’m good with the design, but agree that the branding is too much.

      Anyone try any of their leggings? They’re as pricey as Fast and Frees, so I think I would have high expectations from a functionality and comfort standpoint that they wouldn’t be able to meet.

  5. I love the old skool retro look of PE Nation – definetly wanna give them a try. I’ve actually been really into Michi – their tops/bras are so unique & I love how they can be used outside the gym. Very pricey but worth it in my opinion.

    1. Me too. I’m especially loving that 80’s rainbow motif that I’ve seen in non athletic sweaters. It reminds me of 80’s racquetball outfits.

  6. Hi,
    Could one of you ladies, please help me order some things from the Canadian lululemon site. I live in Europe and the things I want are not available here. I would be very, very grateful for the favor.

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