How many of you have that mild feeling of dread creeping on knowing that your day to day routine is about to get disrupted by summer vacation? Me! Actually, I really love summer vacation with my kids, as long as our day has somewhat of a routine going on, and I can get my workouts in and work done. Because I’m home (work from home/SAHM) we don’t do summer day camps for the kids as it’s extremely pricey, but I do spend the summer with them getting them out of the house swimming, bike riding and generally moving as much as possible. If I can bring them with me to the gym 50% of the time that is a win but most of the time they have other plans for me, so that leaves me with getting a workout in at the playground while they play. This weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend and we had 4 days off of ‘stuff’ so this was a reminder of what are days are going to be like in a few short weeks. By the way, this stage in parenting where the kids can both ride bikes confidently, and I can ride along with them in my bike is kind of the best. This will be the first summer we can do that!

This Lorna Jane top was perfect for our bike ride because it was pretty hot out and the open print created nice air flow. I got this tank sometime last year so it’s currently sold out, but there are very similar versions on the Lorna Jane site right now which I linked to below. I wore my Align Pant II‘s but it was so hot that I wish I’d worn shorts. My festival bag is a summer staple for me. I’m a handbag snob, but in the summer there is no way I’m taking a nice handbag to the pool or on a bike ride, and backpacks are too hot on my back, so this bag is perfect. I can cram it in to a pool locker, or throw it over my shoulder when riding my bike and I never have to worry about scuffing it or getting it wet with pool water.

Lorna Jane Excel Tank

Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane Excel tank

Lorna Jane Excel Tank

  1. You look so great in these pics. Glad to see you guys have nice weather out west. Love that lorna jane top…so cute.
    Thx for all your efforts with the blog

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