The upload seems to be delayed, or slow uploading. So far I’ve only seen a few items that I think may be new. I’ll update as soon as the full upload is up.

Sorry, the upload is not up for Canada or the US. I am watching it like a hawk and will send out an email as soon as it’s live – if you aren’t signed up for my newsletter, sign up on the tab above under ‘subscribe’ if you’d like a heads up when the upload is live.

New upload post above this one. 

  1. Remember way back when, if the upload was delayed 15 minutes people would freak out! There would be like 50 comments about it. Funny how no one seems to care much now.

  2. This is the first upload that I have cared about since January.
    I have been checking sporadically for the upload for the last few hours.
    Screw it. I give up.

    1. I too have been waiting for this upload…. the one time I am actively checking every so often.. where is it?! Usually I don't care but I wanted some black grape tights.. I give up too..

  3. Sometimes I wonder if they're just trolling us, since they do many things that have shaken off their buyers and fans. But then again, maybe the web site really imploded today or something.

    I wanted to see a couple of items that showed up in Australia and the UK, but I'll have to check later I guess…

  4. I see new items up now (11:55pm EST). Some pop orange items, the sun setter and low key items you reviewed, etc. All buried beneath the "new" items from LAST week…

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