Wow, this was a very long wait for the upload today. I was ready for it at 1pm, and waited for it for it until 8:30. I mentioned in my original upload post (posted at 1 below this one) that I would email you a second time giving you a heads up when the upload was live, but when I went to send the email I was blocked from sending it again. Apparently my newsletter platform has a limit to how many emails you can send in a day, and my second email blast put me over that limit.  Boo! 

Besides the major inconvenience of a super late upload with the new time being a complete mystery, this was a pretty exciting upload. Finally, we have some pretty colors!! I love the combination of Black Grape/Black Current/Bosenberry with Fern Green, and then Dark Prism Pink and Pop Orange. Those colors almost feel like a ‘color story’ like what we used to have before this ‘year of darkness’. I also liked the Anew Cropped Long Sleeve, Black Grape Pace Rival Crops, Black Grape Anew Crops. I’m interested to try on the Black Currant Sole Training SS and Black Grape Sole Training LS.

Earlier today I purchased the Black Grape Fast And Free 7/8 Tight and the Fern Low Key Tank. The Low Key Tank was too large in my regular size so tonight I ordered the size down, along with the Love Crew Tee in the same color. I contemplated some of the above items but I’m going to sleep on it and maybe order tomorrow. It’s been such a long drought of not buying lululemon that I splurged a bit today. 

What did you guys order tonight? 

Fast And Free 7/8 Tight

Fast And Free 7/8 Tight

Anew Crop 

Anew Crop

^^are those common project sneakers?^^

Anew Crop

Anew Crop

Anew Crop

Low Key Tank 

Low Key Tank

Low Key Tank

Low Key Tank

Inspire Tight II Formation Print

Scuba Hoodie IV

Scuba Hoodie IV

Love Crew Tee

Love Crew Tee

All The Right Places Pant

All The Right Places Tight

Arise Cropped Long Sleeve

Arise Cropped Long Sleeve

Arise Cropped Long Sleeve

Arise Cropped Long Sleeve

Cool Racerback II

Pace Rival Crop

Sun Setter Tank


Arise Long Sleeve

Arise Tank

Pace Rival

Sole Training Short Sleeve Tee

Sole Training LS

Well Being Sweater

Arise Bra

I Put A Shell On You

Swiftly Tech T-Back

Carry The Day Bag

Love Crew *Expression

Sculpt Tank II

Lost In Pace Skirt

On The Fly Pant *Woven

Cortes Box Tee

Hotty Hot Short

Tracker Short IV

Speed Shorts

Free To Be Zen Bra

Speed Tight V

  1. Opinion needed on Fast and Free Tight in Black Grape vs. All the Right Places in Black Currant? Colors seem too close to justify both! Maybe ill have to see the colors in person to decide which I prefer but what do you guys think?

  2. I ordered the black grape pace rivals and black currant scuba, neither of which are spring colors but things I felt were timeless staples because I wear both styles a lot. Other than that…meh.

  3. Do you the no the black grape Crops will show sweat badly? I usually stick to black bottoms for this reason…but I really love these!

    1. I don't think so. It's such a dark purple that it's close to black. The black current color would be more likely to show sweat since it's a lighter toned purple.

  4. Ugh I'm so disappointed. I want a terry scuba in that new gorgeous marvel colour so bad. And they bring out a scuba in a washed out purple instead.

  5. What is wrong with the design of that Low Key tank… it bears a rather unfortunate resemblance to, um, something.

  6. I love that they've removed the big tie from the Hotty Hot shorts. That was my one complaint–the tie would bounce when I ran and also created an extra lump where I don't need any extra!
    I want to get either Run Times or Hotty hot shorts in Pop Orange. It's crazy that we've been so removed from color that one bright, fun color seems exciting. I do miss the bright, fun patterns of the past. We keep getting more patterns with black.

  7. Will be getting orange crb for sure. Its going to be a bit neon compated to cape red from a year ago and filtered orange i just got in speed shorts. Is there lighter colourvstitching on black grape fandf…if so that is def deal breaker. I agree with comment about low key top…reminds me of wild tank..just fabric hanging there with no extra little trimmings or features. A no go for me. The pink looks like raspberry glo…i already have pieces in that so cant justify another. Im glad i will only get crb as wallet needs a break

  8. Where are the embossed WUs? Would have liked to have seen pop orange trackers as well.
    Waiting for the "CRB iii" to come out to purchase any of those 😉

    1. They are way too dark for that. I have the black grape rebel runners from a couple of years ago and they don't show sweat.

    1. I agree. It's really still a lot of very dark muted colours. I'm also not a big fan of the mid-tone pinks (I prefer them darker), and even though I love pop orange, I went overboard the first time it came out so probably won't buy anything now. I do still love black grape as a neutral, though, and am tempted to buy a pair of crops. Just not sure which ones.

    2. No, not just you Anon 5:00 AM. Completely agree that it is dreary. In no way is there a colour story like they used to do. That's quite a reach for throwing a few colours in the mix. And what else is new? They revert to pop orange and pink which have been done to death. So says the experienced LLL shopper of many years. People are so colour starved (for brights) now that they'll go for anything not dark or fall/winter inspired.

      The Swiftly T back is totally an imitation of Under Armour, Athleta, and Climawear; and that's fine, a lot of brands eventually imitate each other. This LLL one is not even that well done. Some of the other brands actually put a bright colour strap which looks really good with a basic main like black, white, dark or light grey, and navy, but nope, LLL is gonna keep the monochrome going.

      Don't get me started on the scrunchie. That is so outdated and ill informed to even consider being produced.

  9. LLM I am signed up for and live in Canada. I haven't purchased through ebates in quite awhile but it always took me to the Canadian site to shop but now it will only take me to the U.S. site. Are you still purchasing through and if so, are you being directed to the U.S. site or Canadian site? TIA

    1. This is Anon 5:25a.m. I am signed up for .ca as well but .com is 2% where .ca is 1% so I tried to shop through .com but it would only take me to the U.S. site where as it used to take me to the Canadian site because of my Canadian address when I signed up with .com I guess Canadians are no longer able to shop through .com unless they shop on the U.S. site which is too bad especially when they offer a higher discount than the Cdn. site.

    2. 5:31 here: Oh man I didn't realize that the US site was 2% I just placed an order. However, I just tried it and it took me to the Canadian site through Maybe try clearing your cache?

    3. 5:48 AM – when you go to, a popup will say something like 'we've noticed you're from Canada, you can shop from' At the very top right corner of the popup, in tiny letters it says 'Member Sign In' – click on that, sign in with your user name and you'll go to the site. Hope that helps!

    4. Thanks Anon 9:14a.m. I just placed an order at .com by going through my account first. I don't think I had to do that before, can't remember! Thanks everyone.

  10. New swiftly t back reminds me of the under armour tanks with the stretchy t back. Love pop orange. I wore an old pop orange shirt the other day. Looks good with fatigue.

  11. I am in love with the black currant color and I got them in wuc last week and am now debating if I should have waited to see if the color will come out in the ATRP crop. I'm short so unfortunately the full length pants won't work well for me. I also bought the fast track bag in both colors even though I wasn't too sure about how the straps were connected. I actually really like them and they are perfect for carrying the few items I prefer not to leave in a locker. I got the black grape pace rivals and the black pair of anew crops. I would have got black grape in the anew crop instead but decided to stick with the pace rival since these have been my usual go to for general gym going and cardio sessions and I know they will work for me. If I like the anew crops enough I may be tempted to get them in hero blue although I already have several items in that color I think they are really cute. Besides that did anyone see the cute tank and short sleeve shown with the anew crops? I really can't wait to see what the front looks like!

  12. This was an exciting upload only because the bar has been lowered for so long. What would the reaction be if the upload was three/four years ago?

    1. LLM Instead of checking LLL site for the drop which I normally do then go to your site to read comments I was checking your site at least a dozen times to see the new drop first. Being so disappointed with LLL these days I prefer to spend my LLL browsing time on your website!

      I have to say I am loving Black Current and Black Grape in Spring styles but I hope these colours are brought back for Fall/Winter in rulu and french terry because I love them so much. I am really curious to see what new colours will come our way this Summer. I bought the Black Current Tracker Shorts (would have loved Run Times in this colour), Black Current Sole Training s/s and the Love Tee in the new green.

    2. This is probably true since it's just the start of colors trickling back in. What I liked though is that it's almost a color story they way they used to do (5 colors that work together) rather than just a bunch of black/white/grey prints with random colors thrown in within those prints. It's not anywhere near where it was a year and a half ago, but it's closer than it has been. Interestingly enough, yesterdays original upload post which had no product shown on it had double the traffic of any upload post this past year. So people where interested and curious to see what was coming. I also think that Black Grape has been a very popular color for them in the past.

    3. Awe thank you! I appreciate it. I had a big surge in traffic yesterday which was so surprising because the upload post literally had no content. I think it's the community that creates the content as much as the blog posts – so thank you for checking in yesterday and being part of the chatter back and forth.

  13. I can't believe this is spring stuff, and I say that as someone that wears a lot of black/gray/neutral greens.

  14. I bought the Hotty Hots in Pop Orange. I love my Pop Orange crb and I keep picturing how nice the shorts will look with tan legs this summer! I also got the FTB Serene in Ruby that I've been eyeballing for weeks. I think this was my first full price purchase since early January!!

    I'm hoping for a Black Currant Power Y, but I'm not optimistic since they released a Black Grape one.

    1. Anon 6:08, do you have any issues with WU HR that you have? I'm debating whether I should buy them, but the reviews on the site are not promising. TIA.

  15. I wanted to love the Sun Setter Tank. Thought it would be a great replacement for my Power Y's. But, alas, no. The cut is weird from the neckline to the armpit. It' like the dimensions are off – cut too deep. I shouldn't have been patterned with such a deep cut – it would have been cute with just a 1/2 more width on each side making it less of a steep angle. As it is now, it was a no-go on me at least.

    1. @Anon 12:37: I thought the same thing. The sun setter tank is more comfortable than power y but the cut was weird on me. Especially since I have broad shoulders. I tried size up but it didn't help the issue.

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