1. I love the arrow print…I think it will look great with a solid medium crb I have….and any other bright colour will look good. Can't wait for the fern print too. I'm going broke buying 6 pair of bottoms a month…yikes. need them to come out with ugly prints.

  2. I can appreciate how Lulu still uses more substantial material in most of their pieces and unique and functional fabric compared to other workout brands. However, a lot of these current cuts seem like such a waste of good material. The designs aren't what makes Lulu stand out. Still love some basics but I'm just so disappointed.

  3. Just no to all of it. I completely agree though with anon 8:36. Still decent fabric. I do like the look of the paddle times peplum in the last picture on that woman. Very flattering. I will probably try it on as I am going away and this would be useful. Think with the style of it it will either be a big hit or big miss depending on body type/ shape. Worth a try though as it looks great for Caribbean beach walks…

  4. Does anyone know if the arrow jacquard is textured in Luon? I really would have liked them in luxtreme but passed on the inspires and got them in the WUC. Just wondering how textured they are if anyone's seen them in person. Mine won't come until Wednesday.

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