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Fit Review|Going Places Hooded Jacket

Fit Review|Going Places Hooded Jacket

I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I last did a fit review for you guys. For some reason the stores have been very slow in getting product that’s already uploaded online. I ended up at my store today to return the Deep Rouge Define Jacket (it’s beautiful by the way) and I saw that they’d finally received the Going Places Hooded Jacket. 

Going Places Hooded Jacket TTS 10

I liked the jacket overall but I didn’t feel the lust I felt when I first saw it uploaded on the Hong Kong site before Christmas. I think I was hoping it would be the more stretchy version of spacer fabric used in Embrace The Space Hoodie and pants which I think has a more flattering drape – although that would also make it less structured. This is my usual size 10 and I found it really roomy in the chest and arms but the fabric stuck a bit at my hips despite not being snug in that area. Because of this fabric drag in the hip area and looseness in the upper torso paired with the thicker more structured fabric, I was getting bunching and folds around my middle that I found unflattering and really bulky looking. I decided to leave the jacket behind today but I’m definitely going to consider it for markdown. My store had a very full display of sizes in all the colors so I think there is a good possibility it will get marked down over the next few weeks.

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  • I like the darker colour on you. The lighter one doesn't flatter your figure. It's the design, not you!!

    • Thank you!!! I'm waiting for fresh new spring products to be released. I hope to be back to regular schedule soon.

  • Yes, thank you for all the fit reviews! I don't think this jacket is worth the price. You can get far cuter at this price range.

  • Agree with other comments so far- compared to how the arizia bomber looked on you, this is such an easy pass. I haven't seen this look good on anyone so far. I don't think it's flattering.

    • Because it's functional as a warm layer to and from the gym. I don't dislike it, it's just not a go-to for a flattering cut on me and at the sticker price it needs to be perfection.

  • I bought it and love it. The light one looks to be too big on you. I like the dark one one you. I normally always buy blue or black, so I branched out and bought the light one. I wish it were a little cheaper.

  • Unflattering and bulky at full price will still be unflattering and bulky at a cheaper price.

    I understand not buying something you really like because it's priced too high in your opinion. If you really like it, wait for a sale. But if not, don't. You'll be out the money and left with something you'll never wear because it's not right for you.

    • Yah unfortunately I'm not quite immune to sale sticker madness, although I am pretty good. I like the jacket, I just don't love it enough to part with the $160. At $99 I would reconsider.

    • Totally agree with you anon 4:57 AM. Not only that, but, how much stuff does one person really need… like, why bother buying something if you don't absolutely love it, even if it is on sale… heck, even if it was free, if you don't love it and don't need it, why bother… Not picking on you personally, Lulumum, just a generalization.

    • I hear what you guys are saying. Sometimes I say things in my posts like "I'll consider it on markdown" because I don't love it enough to pay full price, and I don't really dislike it so I'm not purchasing it, but maybe one day I will. It's sort of a way to soften the blow or temper a slightly negative review when I don't totally hate something, but it's just not for me. With this jacket, I'm not saying I would absolutely purchase it on markdown but it's definitely something I would reconsider at a later date. I purchase very, very little lululemon on markdown which is why I don't typically feature a WMTM post. I buy maybe 5 items per year on markdown that I wouldn't have purchased at full price. I've been very happy with my markdown selections.
      Another thing to keep in mind is that shopping is a pretty ephemeral activity. It's something we are mostly doing out of fun, not true need. There is going to be a lot of frivolous purchase decisions or discussions in a shopping based community so it's a bit unrealistic to hold firm logical shopping standards here in this community. I would love to do a series on 'capsule wardrobes' and how to be minimal but that's just not me. I love shopping, I love playing with fashion and my purchases are almost always instinctual and emotional and not logical. I have my gold standard classics in my wardrobe which I've built over the years, but I also really love trends – and I love to play along with them.

    • LLM I think your fit review comment about the jacket being unflattering and bulky but would consider buying on markdown hit a nerve with some people and to a certain degree it did with me. I have read so many negative reviews and comments complaining about a product but they continue to buy because they say they are upset at not being able to get the same product when they return the defective one. I am glad to know I am not the only one thinking are these people crazy or what kind of kool aid are they drinking? As someone just commented in your UK Upload post, so many people complain about the Aligns pilling and yet they still buy them. We all have been quilty I am sure of buying something that really didn't suit us or didn't fit us properly just because we wanted to buy something or loved the colour, etc. but I think this is a good conversation topic and am glad people spoke up about it.

    • I am glad too the conversation was started. I love having these topics discussed, and it does make me think.
      The aligns issue has reached a fever pitch I've noticed. I went in twice over the past couple of weeks and saw people doing returns on ratty pilled aligns. My friend went in to return hers yesterday as well as a pair of black wunder unders that are now sagging on her (lycra seems shot). Mine haven't held up at all and look terrible so I've not repurchased them, nor do I get excited about new colors.

      I have never been one to go crazy on WMTM, boxing day or warehouse sales. I'm very picky and I just don't get motivated by a deep discount on something I don't already like. Occasionally I find something marked down that I did like but was over priced to begin with. For example the Sleet Sprinter Jacket. I liked that jacket when I tried it on but the $200 price on it was out of the question so I didn't get excited about the design and my review was probably luke warm. When it eventually got marked down, that purchase was an easy decision for me.

      Honestly I haven't purchased any Lululemon since early January and it's not because I've decided not to spend money, I just haven't liked anything enough for the price.

      I appreciate that this hit a nerve with some readers. Perhaps it's more to do with many of the lululemon shopping groups in Facebook where there is a lot of hype and build up over discounted products.

  • I bought this jacket in both black and grey, and find that the black one fits a tiny bit smaller. Since I'm slim with a boy figure, the jacket looks flattering on me and I love that it's light and warm. It's pricey but I can see myself wearing them a lot. I would say give it a try anyway 'cos it might look good on you.

  • I think this jacket looks really good on you in both colors. I got the black one right when it showed up online and I love it. The length is perfect. It was time for a longer jacket. Thinking of getting grey one as well. Don't want to wait too long for it to go on markdown because the weather is getting warmer. I want to get a chance to wear it.
    I love this jacket on you!

  • Thanks for the fit review. I went online to see what the price is but it wasn't there, I guess it's in store only for now. I don't like the grey one because it's grey and it does look a bit too big on you. The black looks better on you but the fit looks a little tight right at the bottom. Strange how sometimes the same size has a different fit in different colours.

  • I think the black one is very slimming on you. I ended up returning black for the heathered inkwell and inkwell is a bit bigger. I love that it is not too heathered. I would definitely buy another if marked down.

  • I just don't understand spending money on things that don't flatter, regardless of the price. And it definitely sends the wrong message to LLL that we want more of these poorly designed, poorly executed pieces.

  • I didn't love this jacket in pictures but I tried it on and loved it. It didn't flare out at the bottom like some people posted. I sized down because it was roomy and it looked so slimming.

    When I notice jackets with double zippers, I love them. It allows you to unzip the bottom a little bit to accommodate larger hips and butt. LLM, you may want to consider sizing down and if you feel it pulls at the bottom, you can unzip it a bit.

    In my sized down jacket, I didn't have a problem with it pulling across the hips.

  • Hmmm, it’s been almost 3 months since this jacket post started and I just paid $63 for a GOING PLACES HOODED JACKET. If you want one, now’s the time to get one while the sizes are still plentiful.

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