1. Can't stand Nulux so that's an easy pass. This pattern looks like what you'd find on ugly tops for work at any bad mall store.

  2. I like this pattern.

    I distance runner for a college and wear nulux when I don't want the high compression of my luxtreme running tights. I like the feeling of nulux a lot. I know I'm a rarity in this area.

  3. I like this pattern and Nulux also @anon8:19. I hope they make a skirt in it, except I'm sad I was told yesterday that the circuit breaker will be replaced with the lost in pace skirt. As much as I like the look of it, it has this static cling issue that needs to be fixed.

    1. and when I looked at it there was no silicone grips on the legs of the shorts. That alone will keep me from purchasing it. That singlet style fabric for a skirt is awful. I live in a dry climate so static is a constant during certain times of the year (enough that I carry softener sheets in the car to run over my hair and static guard to spray the clothes). The new skirt would be a nightmare for me.

    2. If you haven't tried the skirt it completely clings to the legs of the shorts. It's awful. I agree, who wants to carry static guard around. I'm super sad. There is nothing left at lulu that I like except this Nulux that everyone else seems to hate lol. No more cute running skirts, unless they fix these issues with the new one. Speeds have been ruined by their longer back length, CRB…well no need to comment there, and swiftly's just don't work for me.

  4. Nulux just doesn't hold up and starts looking terrible way too quickly. Doesn't even feel the same after the first wash.

    1. I agree. I wore my nulux plume tight to Bodypump for the first and only time. Apart from a feeling that I'm wearing expensive pantyhose, the sliding down part was the worst. Who wants to worry about the look of one's behind when lifting heavy weights? the tights were on sale, but I intend to return them. The slipperiness of the fabric seems to be a common complaint.

    2. nulux is better than the material ebb to street pants were made of, those started to pill the first wear!!!

  5. I do like the pattern, which I feel like I haven't said for a while. The ribs on the leaves look like seams and are going to definitely make pattern placement a make or break though:-(

  6. I think every jungle print the past few years have gone on sale. Like the pink and blue one from last year and the palm-like prints. I don't like nulux all. Bought the feather print and it rides up and bunches around the crotch after movement like stretching and splits whereas my luxtreme and Lyon pants don't do that. The material is far too slippery and doesn't stay well on the waist either and I got the high times to try. Returned that.

  7. I find nulux adheres to my skin once I sweat a bit…otherwise it can tend to slip when moving if I'm not sweaty. I have 5 tights in nulux so I am trying to make them work. This new pattern is cute but price tag won't be.

  8. Out of curiosity, how many robots have attempted to post on here? I just want to feel better about all the time I spend selecting squares with storefronts and whatnot. Like it's actually serving a purpose. No offense, just genuinely curious if this is a common problem, the robots and all.

    1. Hi Anon 7:17! When I comment on my iPhone using Safari (I don't have Chrome downloaded), I have to select the store fronts and stuff. When I use my laptop (I use Chrome here), I never had to select the squares and stuff. 🙂

    2. You are getting a captcha test to leave comments? Are you the same person that was having issues leaving comments this morning?
      I don't have any security settings on for comments so you shouldn't be getting that or any other commenting barrier unless google has decided your specific ip is suspicious for some reason. My comments are set to completely unmoderated

    3. I usually have to do a Captcha, sometimes two. But I remember the days of hundreds of spam messages on heylululemon, so I don't mind the captchas. I find it helps to restart your browser.

    4. Hi LLM, I am not Anon 7:17pm but am the one that posted about all the problems I am having trying to comment. I don't even want to comment here because it will probably go to spam after numerous attempts through verification. As Anon 7:17pm refers to, I am put through numerous verification attempts only to have my comment sent to spam. It first rejects my anonymous selection and puts it back to google which I can't change. I am at a point where I just don't want to comment because of all the wasted time spent trying. I use a MacBook air, Safari.

    5. I don't have problems commenting but every single time I have to do the select with store front or street sign or what not. Sometimes 2x.

    6. I always have to do the Captcha. I never even thought questioning why, I thought everyone has to do it, lol. I honestly learned ever single store from, street sign and water body out there. I don't even have to read the instructions to know what I have to do, lol.
      LLA site asks me to do this too. Ebates US (but not Ebates Canada).
      oh well, not a biggie. I am still going to comment each time I have to say something! haha

    7. I'm so sorry about that guys. I promise though that it's not anything to do with my specific blog. I had this happen to me with the ebates site over December. Each time I went to log in I had to do the verification test. After a while it stopped asking me to do that but I think it was a good month of doing the verification tests. The internet in general has been really weird this week, and I've found Safari has been super glitchy. Earlier this week both my blog and lulu addicts blog had a weird redirect landing page – that seems to have disappeared though.
      Again, I'm really sorry and I hope you stick around.

    8. I always use my phone to comment etc. I have always been asked to choose store front, traffic sighs etc for years. It's annoying

  9. OT but went into my local store down here in Australia today. Store was empty apart from 5 overzealous staff who wouldn't leave me alone. Absolutely nothing in the store appealed…Lululemon has gone from cute and fun to boring and now downright ugly clothes. So disappointing.

  10. OT : went to the store tonight. Got Get Low tank in Carbon, had to size down to a size 2. Tried it with On the Fly pant in midnight navy. Got those as well. They are much nicer looking now without stupid back pockets that used to bunch up. Also bought CRB in Blue Tied. I honestly don't know why it has blue in its name. Looks totally gray to me . Good alternative to Slate imo. Wanted to check out new Squad Goals tank in mesh, but they didn't have in yet

  11. @anon8:19 @anon8:45 I LOVE nulux as well! If everyone is complaining that it slips, why don't you just size down? That's what I ended up doing with the feather light tights, I wear an 8 in bottoms & went down to a 6. It wasn't too tight & stayed in place, it was perfect. I also own the marble mix wup & washed them many times following lulu wash instructions – they still hold up perfectly! not sure what everyone's problem is.

    1. Because if you have an ass, they're see-through in a size down. Some people found them sheer even in their regular size. Not sure why you're taking it personally that some people don't like the material or performance.

    2. lol. Everyone's problem is that Nulux doesn't work for them! Why take it so personal? Some things just don't work for everyone. Get over it. I hate aligns, tons of people love them…. that's why there's a variety of products so everyone can find something they like.

    3. I like the feel of Nulux, but it is sheer. At home, I was sure my pair of Fast and Frees were fine, then I went to the gym and could clearly see my underwear *without bending over*. Just walking around – hey, world! I'm wearing a dark bikini today! Pretty bad. I don't mind wearing nude underwear, so it's not such a big deal for me, but I do think that people are right not to want to pay premium prices for sheer pants.

      Another problem many have with Nulux is just not liking the naked feeling. A lot of people want compression in their workout pants. It's just a personal preference.

  12. The way they pull down the leggings in the crotch on the models makes me so angry! Lulu we know your leggings give camel toes occasionally stop pulling them down so it looks like they don't. Not to mention who wears leggings like that. Also I much prefer textured Luon patterns that are brushed inside, I love those a lot more than nulux and nulu

    1. Photoshopping in giganto thigh gap is my pet peeve. It's misogynistic and it's not even attractive. If they want to give them all the appearance of perfect skin, that's one thing, but literally erasing their bodies is pretty hateful.

  13. Love Tee IV dropped $10 on the Cdn side (on full sticker not a WMTM). So annoyed by this, just passed the return date on 2 purchased at 64.

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