1. This is so exciting! I went to Central Saint Martins, I graduated two years ago and it's super cool to see my college collaborating with LLL. I wonder if I'll actually be able to get my fat arse into any of the gear or if it'll just be small sizes. So looking forward to the new store opening!!

  2. Not liking any of these from what I can tell here. Will have to see more for a better idea but so far not impressed to be honest.

    1. Well, we'll definitely be able to identify 2016 as the year of swirl and splatter.

      I like some of the above prints as prints, but I don't think they make the best choice for clothing. I feel that way about a lot of Lulu prints lately. Like, hmm, that would make a nice notebook cover, but I don't want to wear it on my legs.

    2. I was thinking the same thing too. They collaborate with one of the top art schools in the world, and they still end up with prints that look the same as all the others? How does that happen?

    3. I assume Lulu put extremely strict limits on them to make sure the prints all wound up looking very "Lululemon". This would be the new Lululemon, the boring black and white one, obviously, not the original Lululemon whose sense of fun, femininity, and color we all miss dearly.

  3. Big, exaggerated, drawn out, obnoxiously loud YAWN

    Where dem designers from circa 2008-2012 at??? COME BACK, we need you!!!!

  4. this is beyond ugly. I too used to be able to automatically recognize the season and specific year of lulu prints because every one was so beautiful and unique. All of the prints that have come out in the last 9 months are HORRIFIC. How can one company justify so many drab black and white prints? So many androgenous grey-based splatter-type patters with only small hints of color, they all seem like one and the same. Not to mention the fact that none of these petite detailed patterns with ugly dark stitching are figure flattering in the slightest. I wouldn't buy any of these prints for $60 let along $128. The only bottoms i've bought from LLL in the past 6 months have all been BLACK, something I never did before because there was always nice colors and print options available 🙁

  5. These are interesting, but honestly, I wish they'd swirled more color into these patterns. I see some hints of soft color and some really muted dark colors. I'd be way more interested if the color was brighter. I'd even be interested in crazy hues at this point. Starved for the pretty colors of past years!!

  6. The prints would be okay if hey were printed well into the fabric, but it's the same cheap method that any of the cheap lines use, and when the fabric is stretched, the print disappears into white. The print onto luxtreme is as cheap looking to wear as any $20 novelty tights. Yuck. I miss the days of the properly dyed or woven Luon patterns.

    1. Totally agree. Really hate how prints stretch out to white. I avoid prints for this reason, just can't stand the look of the faded out parts.

    2. I am also missing the "old school" Luon. Haven't been buying any new crops or pants lately since they're mostly all Luxtreme (or worse, Nulux) these days. Also really miss having as many options as we used to in the original Wunder Under and Groove style waistbands (now they are mostly all high rise version).

    3. The shibori dark carbon high rise WU are amazing! Nice & thick, good compression and the color does not fade when stretched. It's the best pair of WU that I have purchased in years! Definite old school lulu quality!

  7. They are interesting to look at but not really something I think I would wear except the one called seascape hues. I really like what I see if the print but with one portion of a leg showing it is hard to tell. LLM, do you think these new offerings will be something we actually see in North America?

  8. Totally agree with most posts here. I love the idea of partnering with art school students, but wow these are lacklustre (at best).

  9. This all looks like variation of that marble print a couple months back. Echo others that it's not a unique print or inspiring.

  10. Bit OT, but would love some advice, Aus wmtm has the crb in blurry belle and espresso, any recommendations on which I should get? Thanks in advance

    1. I don't have espresso, but I do have Blurry Belle. I really like the print! It matches so many colors I wear often- navy, light blue, turquoise, purples, grey, etc. I even wear it with certain shades of pink. The print looks cute with jeans or a skirt. I will say it is on the thicker side, but not slick/shiny compared to some my other print crbs. It doesn't have that polyester feel, more like a thick luon. It is backed in white, which I know bothers some people. The color is pretty saturated though, so I don't get that much fade when stretched. Also, it's worth mentioning that there are some pale yellow spots mixed in with the white parts of the print. I remember some people didn't like that either. Hope that helps!

    2. I agree with lulubelle — I love Blurry Belle. I wear my BB CRB with lots of different bras (mentioned by lulubelle above) to great effect. I even like the print with a soot/angelwing hyperstripe bra from a few years ago — I got that idea from the BB Speeds which placed a B/W stripe at the waistband. The pairing seemed ideal old-school Lulu — unexpected, but fresh.

      Now let me comment on the prints above. Some look very pretty, some repetitive. Here's my main problems with recent Lulu patterns recently.

      #1 DRAB — It's a refrain on this blog. More color. Period. I want a pick me up.

      #2 Another issue I have with Lulu prints right now — the items on which they come. They restrict the patterns to bras and tights. I like Lulu bras, but I already own too many.

      Because of my body type — I am short with thick legs, but a relatively trim torso — I like my prints/colors up top. For example, I LOVED the Dottie Tribe HTs (more than any piece here) but I did't get them because I KNEW they'd just sit in my drawer. I always reach for dark solid pants since that's what flatters me. I dislike the CRB II (I used to collect them, but I refuse to buy the new iteration since I hate the back) and I heard they are also discontinuing my beloved Define, so I am not sure what I want these prints to adorn, but still …

      I am relatively excited about the Indian Ocean Swiftly, but my Lulu love is waning.

    3. @Anon 9:25 PM, I did not care for the Blurry Belle CRB fabric and did not buy it. I do however love the pattern and have the Blurry Belle Speed Shorts and FTBW bra.

  11. Although I really appreciate the artful minds behind these prints, they just don't say "into the wilderness" to me. Not at all.
    I like the Sea Scape Hues the best but I really wish there was deeper, vibrant colours in the print. I can envision deep, curved lines of turquiose and cobalt, greys and whites to add depth. The grey on grey on darker grey is so depressing. The wilderness is the opposite of depressing! I feel like the "the ask" was lost or overthought. It might be too "obvious" but I would have loved some real mountain scape prints or drastic tree line prints or waves? I don't get this collection but I am happy they are supporting young artists & designers.

  12. I appreciate art but not on my leggings! I don't wear print because it's so memorable and gets old quick!
    I really miss all the special edition stuff with ruffles, lace, etc

    1. Yes, have a SE Scuba in Ghost (all cream) from 2012. That has lovely ruffles on it and it is my favourite. Those people dissing ruffles probably don't understand how well they used to do it. I also have the SE Cuddle up with lace – gorgeous. Also have some crops with subtle ruffles on the sides. Love them all.

    2. PS – I kid you not, both my SE Scuba and SE Cuddle Up Jacket were from wmtm. I waited and waited and it paid to wait 🙂

      Anon 3:42 PM

  13. More muted, mottled patterns. These are all running together for me. The seascape one is the only remotely unique one.

  14. Love the seascape but the process is more interesting than the print. Unfortunately a lot of the process doesn't get translated into the print. (Cutting papers in delicate layers require a 3D aspect.) I don't care for lace and ruffles (excess fabric), but I do miss colorful prints and textures like coco pique.

    1. Yes I love my coco pique high times! Was such a miss with the spray jacquard though, it would have looked much better if they hadn't used a black spray effect that just looks like mould

    2. I really liked the Spray Jacquard in the Luon fabrics. Would have loved CRB in the Hunter Green, the Aurora purple, and the Shocking Blue colours. I love Lulu's Coco Pique too, don't get me wrong, but the Luon Spray Jacquard was a nice change (hope they'll do some more in great colours again). Really hope they'll bring back the Coco Pique again too though (and in colour!! I've always hoped for some nice coloured Coco Pique items!!)

  15. With so much focus on leggings with new fabrics and then new prints and colours weekly I am curious to know how many leggings does a lulu customer actually buy in a year? It just makes me wonder how they can sell all these leggings and do lulu lovers ever actually say, I have enough??? It would be nice to see LLL focus more on the rest of their clothing line, jackets for example, have been sorely overlooked and what we do get is so limited in colours, with black and white and maybe one or two colours thrown in and then each capsule seems to have the same one or two colours repeated. When you look at the designs that have come out of LLL in the past year for jackets and tops it's not hard to see that not much focus or attention has been paid to them. It's like all the attention has gone towards leggings and everything else is just an afterthought of cheap boring designs.

    1. 12:51: Hi 9:46 here. It seems we have EXACTLY the same thought. As you can see from my above comment, I AGREE 100% with you :)!!!

      I would LOVE a return even of old jackets in new textures or colors. For example, The Be Present from 2 years ago is a simple, but well cut, jacket that I can even wear to work on a casual day. I was thrilled when it showed up on a foreign site, but no luck on it crossing the ocean.

      All of the jackets made this year (other than the Define which is an older design of course) were SOOO boxy. I wish Lulu would understand — I want to look like the best version of myself (for me personally that rules out bright or patterned legging). LLL's clothes used to highlight my assets and minimize my flaws. I don't look like the girls in the magazines (at 5'3" with thick legs that wasn't me even in my 20s) but I want to appear to an advantage. Plus, wearing colors at the gym gives me a boost.

      Moreover, the new Lightly jacket replacement for the Define isn't aggressively awful, but it's not good either. No cuffins? Long arms? I'll need to get the sleeves hemmed, which I know Lulu will do for free, but really why — that limits the jacket's use in colder weather IMO. Plus, it would be short on anyone except petite girls such as myself. I feel as if they learned no lesson from the introduction of FORME I, which everybody hated because of it's lack of detail and high price.

      Oh, well ….

  16. Blog looks great! BUT… not sure if this has happened to others, but when I open it on my iPhone, the page opens to the ads at the bottom and I have to scroll up to the top to see the latest post. I do love popping in here, but with time that will be annoying enough for me to stop. Hoping it's just happening as you're transitioning over?

  17. Lulumum. oh-la-la! Always have loved & appreciated your awesome, open blog!
    Luv, luv the new look.so streamlined :o) Ty for all that you do, your honest reviews & recommendations. you have brought to my attention things that have flown under my Lulu radar (esp nowadays )!
    I also cherish your non-Lulu blogs..make-up, Nordstrom's, Cross-Fit, travel, your races, etc., and your sharing your personal moments & frustrations that we all can relate to! Here's to a wonderful 2017 to you & everyone!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope to have a lot more content for you in the form of non-lulu, makeup, shopping and all the other stuff.

  18. Lulumum, loving the new look!!

    As for these new prints:

    Lululemon’s latest offerings, patterns and design “vision,” what a snooze fest and whole load of boring. This is just a repeat of the most recent half-year minimum. How are Potdevin and Holman still at the helm? It makes me laugh even more now, their prior statements to the effect of “wait ‘til you see what’s coming, such innovative patterns and progressive design!” I guess they think if they repeat it enough people will believe it? Nothing to be drawn to at all here! What I’d really like to know is why marble and granite quarries seem to be their only inspiration. I guess the execs and those leading “design” have spent way too much time staring at kitchen and bathroom counters, floors, and so forth.

    Let me add that by saying the above, there is no intent to infer anything negative about the depicted artists’ creativity and process etc. I love artists and art and the varied perspectives. Unfortunately they’ve been drawn into the boring vision that LLL cannot get out of. I’d honestly be far more interested in something like the Vivid Vision print in bedding (sheets) over a legging/crop or top!

    1. Holman went to Central Saint Martins so this probably feels very special to him.

      I don't mind some of the prints, and I think the Seascape Hues has promise.

  19. OT, but I thought I would share with you ladies. I went to my store today and was told that they are expecting a brand new collection within next two weeks. It'll be the entire outfit , pant , bra & top. All made of guess what?? Nulu fabric. I like Nulu, aka Aligns. Wear them all the time , but not to the gym. They are super comfortable and soft , but there's zero compression. So I'm curious about the new collection, what it'll be intended for and if it'll offer any support

  20. Not to be negative nelly but I finally pulled tags off my nulux dazzle print pant and bra. Bra is great as I size up in it but it is a bit tighter than energy bra so it fits perfect and fabric is wonderful. Now for the pants….fabric is like I'm wearing nothing but it stretches out so much that they kept slipping down as I did body pump class…so the seam that sits at hip ended up falling down to my ass crack and to my crotch. I felt the crotch slip down. I had to keep pulling up the pants every 5 minutes. When I took them off and looked at waist of pant it was all stretched out and curling under at front of waist. So I love the print but feel like I should expect more from pant for that money. Even getting out of car and running to grocery store the butt was saggy and crotch was hanging down. I had to pull them up to get the seam back up to above my crack and crotch..lol. I stayed tts as sizing down would make them sheer. Not sure nulux will be around long

    1. ugh. what a disappointment. I would also see about taking them back.

      I really hate the Nulux fabric. Also really hate all the high rise waistbands on any of the fabrics. The high rise waistbands are flimsy. They are too flimsy and don't stay put and keep their shape or offer a nice supportive feeling like the original Wunder Under and Groove Pants waistbands did. They are also too high and this is coming from someone who hates low rise waistbands just as much! I'm really missing the original medium rise WU and Grooves waistbands – those were perfect.

    2. Nulu/Nulux is positively awful. Wears terribly and will absolutely not stand the test of time. It doesn't even feel nice anymore after the first wear/wash.

    3. Funny thing is the nulux was super snug getting the waistband pulled up….and so funny how they stretch out so much. I'm going to try washing and wearing one more time. I also have the florence ones and remember them feeling loose when I was done body pump…but I am going to wear those again too to see if they slip down as badly too. I was so in love with florence print too that I may have not noticed that they were falling down badly.

  21. I usually dislike changes, because I feel I'm wasting time until I figure everything out, but these changes to your blog are very positive, Lulumum!

  22. I love the redesign!! Also love the off topic blogs (e.g other athletics brands or Nordstroms posts). Any chance of a Fabletics review? I am super tempted by that brand!

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