1. I agree, anything looks good with black.
      also, those armholes are cut crazy low! I thought I like this tank until I saw that huge gap under your arms.

    2. One quick turn and you get your tank hooked around your boob. Definitely not good for playing basketball in! Unless, of course, you're going for the wardrobe malfunction look. Then you're golden.

  1. I do not like that jacket at all. There are so many tanks I would buy if they just had regular sized armholes but they sure seem determined to keep giving us the large armholes which for the clientele that likes them that's great but I wish they gave the clientele who do not like them more tanks choices with regular sized ones.

    1. The jacket is sooo ugly… just like all the other boring boxy shapeless jackets they have put out this fall and winter. Ugh. Boo from me too!

    2. On the bright side, the money I've saved on jackets has been applied to my original CRB fund. Got the aquamarine, sprinkler, and peacock blue in the mail and I love them all. And no low armpits!

      FYI, they are all light luon, but the aquamarine and peacock are darker than they appeared on the website. I'm very happy with them, but they weren't quite what I was expecting.

  2. OT, but did the Jet Blue LS Swiftly that was on one of the HK sneak peeks ever come to North America (Canada in particular?).

    1. I have been waiting for this one to upload to Canadian site too! I have been watching for it but haven't seen it yet unfortunately.

  3. Anyone have a Jet Blue CRB ins a 2 they would like to part with? I will pay full retail + finder's fee if necessary!

    1. Really bummed that we didn't get this one in Canada. My CRB size is 2 as well! I'm out of luck if stuff I want doesn't upload to Canadian site – only way I'll purchase is from LLL online site or in LLL store. I got the Jet Set Blue Define and love the colour so much, would have been nice to get a CRB too – even if it was a CRBII. Good luck finding one though!

  4. The Strive print is really pretty in person. I just ended up with an Energy Bra. I'd love a pair of Trackers or Run Times. But since that seems unlikely, I just bought the bra.

  5. I just got the pace rivals in this print. They are backed in white, but they look really good. They're also a bit sheer, but not very noticeable.

    1. I got all 3 pieces…energy bra speed shorts and wu….would love to keep all 3 but likely will just be bra and speeds and then wait for markdown. Other than black what other colours is everyone coordinating with it…I thought hero blue and maybe orange and fushia…maybe aquamarine and toothpaste. Maybe just black will be nice to make colour pop

  6. Can I ask a question about mesh…I've always steered away from it but I just got a very expensive pair of yoga leggings (not LLL, think $200) drastically marked down in the sale as they had one size left and the mesh in the thighs has stretched a bit. It's only very tiny but it's enough to annoy me as when I look down the mesh looks like it's got a fault in it, but it's just because the mesh holes have stretched a teeny amount. I might wait until I've lost more weight before attempting them again as I wondered whether if they were looser whether it wouldn't be an issue. But as this is my first experience of mesh I wasn't sure if was just what happened? I always thought mesh was a really odd thing to have in something that has to be so strong.

  7. I tried the jacket on today and really liked it when I sized down. Light and cozy and semi fitted. I also liked the pocket placement. I didn't get it was bc I thought it was priced too high for what it was. And I wasn't 100% sure of the length. I'm 5'1 size 4 bottoms and a 6 in most jackets and took a 4 in this. It was borderline cropped on me. I would get it if it gets marked down to 89, not 118

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