1. Me too! I'm liking a few of these things. I love embossed. I'm definitely going to check out the Agni line. Thanks LLM! Btw I love your new blog layout and design.

    2. I do too! I was actually really excited about the crops but I'm not sure why it has the seam going all the way around the thigh at the upper leg. I wonder if its because they added a reinforced double layer over the gusset to prevent sheerness.

  1. I really like that Ooh La Lace, but I have a feeling the position of the print will make my thighs look even bigger! I wish the print would have gone all the way up.

    The embossing is pretty, but I'm not crazy about that thigh seam. I had to tilt my computer screen to see it. I'll have to wait and see ed pics.

  2. Love the orange colour…hope cda gets orange items and the ss swiftly Indian Ocean colour….liking the embossed print but have to see colour choices.

  3. I'm really hoping Aus wmtm drops some of their prices more, seeing as there's still at least 100 items left and a few I'd still like to grab. Btw love the new blog! It is so chic 😉

  4. I need some speed crops for sure and I do like that hot like angi print and the orange. Bet Canada won't see any of them – my money might be safe.

  5. I love the embossed print! I also like the Speed Crops because I don't see mesh. I thought people complaining about the new mesh being itchy were just being picky. But I bought the Outrun Crops off WMTM. They drove me crazy during a recent run. So, I'll avoid all mesh until they change that.

    1. The mesh on the outrun crops was so itchy even walking around in them. Good thing that the tag was still on. I called GEC and was given "the permission" to send it back.

      LLM, I join the rest of your readers in congratulating you on your blog content and the new look. I am embarrassed to say that I check it several times a day.

  6. I took a closer look at the embossed crops there is a weird seem running across the upper thigh… not sure how this will look. Also, did the UK get their drop early??

  7. I am in love with the WU Lace! So pretty…but I usually wear crops. I wonder if that print will come in other styles?

  8. oh yeah, finally a print I like!! really excited about it!

    LLM, my turn to say I LOVE your new blog! I check it out several times a day, every day. like someone mentioned a couple days ago, how can someone private have such a great webpage and a company that spends millions on marketing have such a crappy one.
    anyways, absolutely great work!

    1. If you can suggest a better layout or what you are struggling and how to resolve it then that would be helpful criticsm.

    2. Ok, I have to be completely honest here, but I kind of agree with this. I don't "hate" it, hate is a very strong word, but I don't like it. I honestly feel the same way about it as I did the with new Lululemon site when they changed it. Maybe it's just because it's new and I have to get used to it but so far I don't like it. The photo changing banner at the top is distracting. and I find the all the photo layout now just like the way they have the photos on new LLL site – don't know how to describe it but they all kind of blend in to one another on the page, ie banner, main featured photos, the side photos, etc all remind me of all the photos on LLL site all blending together if that makes sense… not sure how to describe it better. But anyway, glad most readers love the change, this is just my honest two cents. On a more positive note, I do love the name change and that your blog will have more posts unrelated to Lululemon from here on out!

    3. Oops, just see the new comments here now. anon 9:22 here/different person, I'm not the original commenter at 8:56 AM (in case anon 9:13 AM thinks my comment was in reply to her comment)

    4. Thanks for the reply, Lulumum. No need to change anything, if it makes you happy go for it! I may just need time to get used to it, that's all! (from anon 9:22 AM)

    5. I love almost everything about the new layout, but I also agree the top carousel banner is distracting/in the way. When I open the site on my browser the banner takes up the entire page and I can't quickly see whether or not there has been a new post. Just a thought!

    6. Lulumum, you are very sweet and gracous to consider some of the feedback from readers on the redesign of your site. I know you are sincere in wanting to make it a great experience for your readers. Everything you have done is fantastic.

      I have to say, however, some comments and "feedback" have a real sense of entitlement dictating what you "should" do. I find it very ill mannered. Some people just do not realize when they are over reaching. Plus it's almost as if some are taking their frustration with the actual Lululemon website out on you.

    7. I appreciate the feedback. I'll take notes and if it's something I can accommodate I will. My aim is to make this the best experience for readers.

    8. I have to agree LLM, I love everything you have done here, GREAT font, layout and so easy to use. And I am one of those people who hates change lol… they still haven't changed my biggest pet peeve about the new website which is you can't scroll over the colours to see the name of them. Not sure how/why/what they were thinking to take that one away…

    9. Hi, Lulumum, not sure if you will see this since it is an older post now, but just want to say I am getting used to your new layout now! The changing photo banner is still taking some getting used to, but I have to say I do like the rest of the changes you have made – forgot to mention the other day that it is easier to navigate and find things now which is really nice. Hope you see this and hope my original comment didnt come across as being too harsh! I enjoy your blog and appreciate all you do here keeping us up to date on all things Lululemon. (from anon 9:22AM)

    10. Hi Anon, I really appreciate your comments. The banner is still something I'm iffy about. i wish the entire image clicked to it's proper post, and it really limits my nav bar. It may be an element I get rid of at some point but I need to be 100% sure since once deleted I can't get it back. Your comment absolutely didn't come across as harsh, I appreciate you sharing your experience with me and for spending the time in considering the changes and giving me feedback. Thanks!!!!

  9. I love your new layout….easy to navigate..I love the bras when they come out in solid colours too…sometimes having straps one colour and a pattern on body of bra makes it hard to pair up with tops…esp if top or bottom has print too

  10. These embossed pants are very similar to pair I got from Old Navy a few months ago – only those don't have the weird seam below the butt. I wear them all the time and I haven't seen any pilling yet. (Those two sentences are not really something I ever predicted I'd type.)

    1. I found that Old Navy occasionally knocks it out of the park with their athletic wear. They aren't consistent with fabulous designs, but the few I really thought were special and have purchased have become favorite pieces. Never thought I'd be mixing ON with my Lulu…who knew?

    2. I wish ON was more consistent but the few pieces that I bought that I felt were high quality and worth a purchase are still going a couple of years later and look brand new. So, if you pick and choose, ON will have a few pieces here and there that are amazing, quality and last and fit and feel really great!

      I noticed some new stuff this season (January) and they really are stepping up their game from the ON of the past. Keeping my eye on their stuff

  11. All these extra seams are so dumb. More potential failure points, more potential places to chafe, less flattering. Poor design choice all around.

  12. LOVE the new website! It looks really professional and its easier to read than your old one. I'd think you had a team of people running your "Sweat Edit " Company. I'm a designer…so I'm basically an expert. LOL. Looks great! I still hate the new Lululemon website, I wish they would change that one back to the old style. Its a pain to use and its hard to tell what the "new" items are each week. It used to be so easy!

  13. The hot like agni crops are listed as just mesh fabric. I think the seam across the thigh is where the lining for the pants ends so the legs are just the embossed mesh fabric. I just wish they were high rise but i will still try them. I really like the look of the new site! Good work. I am sure it is a huge undertaking to revamp the entire site. I really look forward to checking in on a daily basis 🙂

  14. I wonder if the extra seams on the new embossed pant reflect that there is a double bottom layer to prevent sheerness (like the silverescent (spelling?) crop & pant from the fall? Only the silverescent pant & crop only had the backside double-layered. Also the true self-crops were double layered too.

  15. I liked the older version better. Mostly because I could see 3 topics on my phone screen and now there's only 2. I also like old one better because it looked more "homemade" and authentic. For some reason I am not a fan of professional pictures and perfection . That was one of the reasons why I'm not visiting Agent Athletica anymore. It's too polished

    1. I hope this entire thread is not throwing shade at Suzanne. Her blog is beautiful and she no longer focuses on lulu so she's no longer your competition. She works hard on her blog and it shows.

    2. I just want to add that I feel the same way as anon 2:00 PM and totally agree with what was said. I don't like blogs or Instagram accounts that are "polished", I'm not at all drawn to them, complete opposite in fact. That is just my preference and no offence intended to anyone who prefers their blog or Instagram to be polished to perfection or to those who prefer them.

    3. If it makes you feel better, my pictures will remain as unpolished as ever. No tripod and remote, and I can't bring myself to ask anyone to take my pictures for me. I'll be braver and do selfies at the gym and prop my phone up on the floor when I don't think any of my gym friends will notice. Store photos and web photos are the same. Really the only difference here is the design with a more unified text and organization of the layout. This is till a blogger.com hosted website so nothing fancy going on on the backend.
      I may be able to adjust the amount of posts you see on the mobile site. I think that's an easy fix for me to do myself.

    4. And my pictures will be unpolished mostly because I don't have an interest in photography, so it would be hard for me to invest much into that.

    5. In regards to blogger competition, since this seems to come up constantly in the comments (almost daily in the past month), the internet is a very big place with room for anybody that has a voice. There is always going to be trolls that will come out and try to pit people in the same arena against each other instigating drama, or attempt to shut people up, and I really am not interested in that. It's boring and tired. Lets remove that topic from the context of this blog and what is happening over here. I don't think there is an exclusivity clause when following a blogger you enjoy.

  16. I like the look of the Hot Like Agni bra in astro blue, including the embossed print. I really like the back of the bra as well. I'm a FTBW & FTB bra wearer but also love the simplicity of the HLA and that it is not a high but bra either.

    I could probably be won over by the HLA crops in black or hero blue also. If they double layered the backside to prevent sheerness and those particular seams are not uncomfortable performance wise, I would have no complaints.

    I also like filtered orange as a colour as long as it is not fluorescent.

    1. The seams completely ruin the look of the crops for me. Honestly, it's even more of a turn off if it's because the fabric is so sheer that they need to add another layer of fabric as a "band aid".

  17. Also wondering if anyone's heard anything about the lulu warehouse sale? Is it happening? I've got a few bucks I'll spend elsewhere this week if it's not!

  18. None of this is for me. Again with the masculine/prostitute styling. WTH? I don't want suit inspired workout clothes, nor do I want lingerie inspired gear. Why is this so hard for Lulu to understand? Glad others are happy and glad LLM reminded me about Lorna Jane. I think they might be more my style than The new Lulu.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking Anon 6:11am By dropping Ebates down to 2% the online warehouse sale must be a go for Jan. 12. Lulumum can you give us more info as to approximate time the online warehouse usually starts as it's been a couple of years since the last one and I can't remember if it started in the wee hours of the first day, thanks.

    2. Ebates percentages on all their sites go up and down fairly regularly. Not sure it would be tied into anything. It was higher up during holidays all around at most of the stores to entice people to part with their money. Now that the holidays are over the percentages have dropped across the board as well.

    3. Anon 8:02am Ebates has not been at 2% since it first began and to go from 10% to 2% in 5-6 weeks and right before a major online warehouse sale, doesn't take a genius to figure out why. Furthermore, it makes absolute good business sense to do so before a sale like this. You make it sound like there is no rhyme or reason for how they set the discount other than to entice holiday spending. The discount was at 10% well before the holidays and actually dropped to 8% before the holidays then went to 6% and 4% through the holidays to the now 2% coincidentally just a couple of days before an online warehouse sale.

  19. The other day I was randomly on WMTM and there were 140 items and then after a few months it went back down to about 60, so something is happening!

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