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PSA:*Make sure to check out with EBATES online (referral commissions are earned). Don’t forget the holiday return period is now in effect. You’ve got until January 8th to make returns. 
**Apple Pay promotion seems to be back on. If you spend $150 and check out on Apple Pay you will get a $25 gift card emailed to you. 

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I am annoyed (and slightly relieved) that Canada didn’t get the Sit In Lotus Wrap. I am loving the Merino Wool items from Lululemon this year so much! If it had been uploaded I would have for sure ordered one (which would be naughty indeed right before Christmas). My Sattva Sweaters which I got all on markdown are getting tons of use. I’m also really liking the ‘Flossy Dark Carbon Black’ print on the Scuba Hoodie but I don’t like that the band at the waist is black. Did you order anything today?? 

Out of curiosity, how much money back have you accumulated from ebates since Lululemon started promoting through them in October? I’m at around $60 $91.06, but that is from Sephora, Nike, Athleta, The Bay and Amazon. This year I have done almost all of my Christmas shopping online which is really unusual for me. I even ordered my mom an In Sculpt Vest from another Canadian store today because I decided late last night that it was the perfect gift for her, but it was sold out in her size online. Another item I purchased from a store order is the Embrace The Space Pants. Do yourselves a favour and try them on. 

Sit In Lotus Wrap

Kick The Cold Funnel Neck

Scuba Hoodie IV

Fresh Tracks Jacket

Step To It Jacket

Define Jacket

Kick The Cold Hoodie

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Lightly Jacket

Fleece Please Hoodie

Tie It Up Singlet Wild Bluebell

Sculpt Tank II Cerulian Blue

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  • Nope. I was just in the store earlier today, and I really WANTED to buy something. I got a 25% off email – up to 15 items!- and so I was trying to find something I liked. I tried on so many things, and left with nothing. The Sleet Sprinter tight was the worst thing- the fabric was way too stiff for a run tight and didn't fit well at all. In close second was the Fresh Tracks tight. Holy cow- the seaming! It was really bad and uncomfortable. Then the "brushed" run tights and tops- don't even get me started. I even asked one of the sales girls if the Speed Tights were mislabeled. They felt nothing like brushed luxtreme of the past. Ugh. So… I left empty handed. The product is so generic looking and unflattering. I, like many of you, have no idea how they had a strong Q3.

  • I would have loved the both the Alberta Lake and the Flossy Dark Carbon/Black floral patterned hoodies if they were Scuba2s… so sad, really missing the Scuba2s, haven't bought any since they were discontinued. The new versions aren't flattering, really miss the curvy shape of the Scuba2. 🙁

    • Ugh I agree, I liked the tighter fit of the scubas back then as it looked and felt luxurious not to mentioned that it's a lot more flattering.

    • I have not either! They keep making beautiful colors and I would have bought 3 or 4 already, but the fit in the III and IV don't work and the fabric/design doesn't justify the price. They sure are missing sales by letting that and the original CRB go. Looks like the define might be next with their new Lightly Jacket.

    • I find the fit gets worse and worse for my body – tighter shoulders and tighter hips. And in the Scuba iv they added this seam across the shoulder blades which made it even tighter and it didn't stretch. Ugh.

    • I personally love Scuba3, but I also like Scuba2 options… To me they're different enough that Lulu could justify producing both

  • So much of this stuff is boxy and ill-fitting, like you borrowed your jacket from your husband, boyfriend or brother. And the difference between the Fleece Please and the Kick the Cold hoodie (in looks) is what exactly? And we need to almost the same color of blue out at the same time because (cerulean blue and wild bluebell)? I used to spend hundreds of dollars per month on Lulu and know I'm lucky if I buy one thing a quarter. It's Christmas, typically I'd be struggling to keep from buying a bunch of stuff for myself because there is so much cool stuff being released – not this year, that's for sure.

  • Why I never received any of the 25% off email ? Lulumum, how do you suppose to get those emails, any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • How do you get lulu emails from stores (some of the commenters mention store emails)? I never get emails from the store I frequently go to

  • I don't think the band at the waist of the flossy carbon scuba is black is it? I thought she was just wearing a black shirt underneath? Good ol' Lulu photos lol.

  • The flossy dark carbon scuba is reminding me of something they've put out in the past, but I just can't remember what. I feel like I already have a crb or maybe WU similar to this print. I really like it. I'm tempted to get it anyway, lol!

    • Haha I'm jealous of you ladies! I'm at around $80. I've been getting most of my lulu on eBay these days which has low- no Ebates

    • Amber, I am in Canada and I signed up on
      Once you are logged in and click on Lulu store they will redirect you automatically to the Canadian version of Lulu website. then you just do your shopping as normal.

      I have $29.94 so far in ebates plus $10.00 welcoming bonus.

      Lulumum, I cannot thank you enough for 'pushing' this ebates thing on us. I know some people were annoyed at you doing this. but I personally am grateful you did it! at first I ignored your postings (sorry!!) but then I kept reading and reading about it and decided to sign up. now I am so glad I did!!!

    • I completely understand! I can see that many have signed up but haven't used it yet and I think it's the same reason I keep forgetting to use it so that is why I like to add the reminder to each post. I have the pop up app which works 80% of the time but if it doesn't work, or I click it off because I'm not sure I'm going to buy something then I forget when I do check out.

  • The dropped shoulder seam on the Kick The Cold Funnel Neck looks really bad. Poor design choice especially with Polartec being such a thick fabric.

    • I totally agree! I tried it on and thought it was just me or just the one I picked up, but it's obviously all of them. Bad design. It's a shame bc I kind of liked it otherwise.

  • every single item looks. like. a. box.!!! im really not liking all these new "innovative" fabrics they have released as of late. it's really unfortunate because winter is my fave season (for running & gear purchasing!). did we get a wmtm today? i had ordered the fluff the cold parka and earned $60 usd cashback there!! i also made a hefty return during the sephora vib rouge sale. i've been using ebates for years so it's nothing super special for me, with the exception of the lululemon buy because I never knew I could use the dot com version! (dot ca doesnt carry offer lulu ebates). re fluff the cold parka, WAS HUGE!!! i'm a solid 6 bottom and 6/8 top because of the bust, so i ordered the 6 & the 8. i didnt even open the 8 to try because I was swimming in the 6. tried the 4 on in store and was too tight around the bust. the jacket also wasnt very flattering due to the quilt detail on the side. such a shame. was also super long and the neckline of the hood sat weird; it like brushed the chin/under side of the face (and you couldnt make it lay flat because there was no give between the hood and the neckline of the jacket…)

    • I think they were replaced with the $98 train case looking version called The Break Free Kit. There's also the quilted version of the Don't Sweat It Kit (I personally hate quilted on bags so to me – ugly). The true Mind and Body Kit design I think has gone the way of the CRB, Studio Crops, Pacesetter skirts…….

  • I really like the new scuba print! Haven't tried the IV yet, but I actually really like the III, the body is finally long enough, they aren't as stiff as my older ones, and the deep pockets are ah-mazing! I would love that print in shorts, but the same as the midnight bloom, speeds are just way too short! And hotty hot look like a diaper on me!

    • lol! I actually really like the Flossy Dark Carbon/Black floral print! But yeah, now that you say that… I still like it though 🙂 There are tons of prints that others like that I don't get the appeal either, but it's a good thing we all have different tastes! I'm going to have to pass on this Scuba though(don't find it flattering for me), but would definitely get if it was a Scuba2.

    • EXACTLY what I was going to say!! Come on!! It's about the details. I started buying Lulu just FOR the details…not all this nondescript stuff. I can't even tell all of those stupid jackets they are coming up with apart!!

    • The Seawheeze Race With Grace I tried on at the pop up store during the race weekend was like this and it looked horrible. Felt thin and plasticky as well. It was terrible.

    • Yes 7:47 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. – Lulu too cheap to bother putting in the easiest details and the cheap-ass white cuffins is yet another example.

  • I am very disappointed with the run bottoms for this year, as all of the inseams have been shortened. I tried the fresh-tracks/first-mile/speed-tights on in store, all of which were ankle length on me. No one wants their ankles out in the snow!! I contacted GEC and asked for inseam lengths, I wanted to share for any other tall girls!

    26' High Times
    29.5' Fresh Tracks/First Mile Tech
    30' Speed Tight IV/V
    30.5' WUP High-Rise Luxtreme
    31' Ready to Rulu

    • yeah, I am not happy about the length either!
      I don't think the Speed Tights are 30'…. I thought they shortened them at 28.5'? Am I wrong about this? Because they surely don't feel like 30'

    • I thought they felt shorter too but according to the GEC those are the inseams! I'm 5'9, so 28-30' is 7/8 length on me, and not ideal for weather below 35 degrees or so. I've had to turn to Nike (I've only bought Lulu run bottoms for the past 6 or so years) but they're long and warm, and seem higher quality than lulu's ever-pilling and loose seams lately. Ugh!

    • I guess it is because I'm Canadian but I just can't understand the 7/8 length unless you are shorter. They are perfect on my 5 foot tall grandma! (Really!)

  • Well, I finally ventured into ivivva and got the crb from the moon gem collection. $32, size 14 (usually wear 4-6 lulu tops). Love it! It has color! AND it reverses to all black! And, it's well constructed and thick. Got home, checked out their new stuff online and ordered the mindful moment LS Pima tee in space dye pink shell, caspian blue, sky blue. It looks sold out now, so hope I get lucky! The girls in the store were super friendly! I felt so weird for trying on "little girls " clothes, but she told me they had lots of other adults from lulu coming down to ivivva and one other was trying things on while I was there. So, I'll keep checking the store out until lulu gets their act together!!

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